I woke up like this!

Hey everyone! I’ve been on a bit of a Beyonce’ kick lately as she’s been fueling some pretty kick ass workouts I’ve been having – hence the title of this post 🙂  I was running the other day and Flawless came on – I don’t know about you but that song is seriously BADASS! It got me to thinking about how I view myself in a different way than I normally do and made me inspired to do a post on a very real subject – our perspective of ourselves. 

Normally I feel that I have a pretty good view of myself but truthfully some days just suck. I know every girl (& guy) have these same moments of insecurity. Sometimes those moments can last way longer than we’d like and personally I had been dealing with a drawn out moment for over 8 months. Starting this blog and taking the leap catapulted me into owning myself again instead of just idling sitting by. 

Here’s how it started – I had been having off days for about 8 months. I hit a plateau –  I had personal things going on, issues going on with my jobs, moves happening and all those issues made me feel like I had too much on my plate and I ended up putting things that were important to me on the sidelines. But those are excuses, because in the past I worked through those obstacles. I realized that I just started going through the motions of my workouts, my food prep, work, conversations, etc.  I knew I had to get back to me and that started with the most important thing – my workouts. It’s the one daily routine that I make sure I get in and without that I’m a different person.  All I kept remembering was there was a time where I woke up everyday FREAKING excited to workout.  With all these thoughts in my head I just kept pushing through and it wasn’t until I had two events happen, that I saw a change happen to me mentally and physically. 

About a month ago I was in Scottsdale and we decided to get passes at a Lifetime gym – I walked up the steps into the gym and was shellshocked. There were ridiculously in shape girls all over the place. Like I mean amazing athletes that work out to be fit and strong. I absolutely love seeing that because it shows determination of caring about yourself in the best manner.  It hit me hard so see so many amazing bodies, but within that first day I made a shift and seeing those girls train with such intensity & drive,  drove me into feeling better about myself. It was a really cool experience to see that and before that type of environment would have caused me to go even further back into my shell instead of be the baddass I know I am. 

You’re probably asking yourself where does Beyonce’ fit into this whole thing. Once I got home I pushed myself to add back in my cardio and make a few other changes within my lifestyle, diet, and training to see if I could get back to how I felt before this whole shift happened. As I said above I was running and Flawless came on and I found myself really listening to the words and the message I picked up within the song. I realized that – yes it sounds like she’s talking about waking up looking perfect but if you look at it a little differently she’s really talking about owning who you are and yourself in every aspect. I love the vibe and movement of her new album because its all about bringing power to women and saying – Screw it, I like myself and I’m going to stand up and own who I am and make myself better each day! And YES I DID wake up like this and this is ME! Viewing the song this way COMPLETELY changed my viewpoint and everyday I started pushing just a little bit more.

Now I am finally out of that funk and moving on to bigger and better things in every aspect. My relationships are better, amazing opportunities came up, my workouts became kick ass again, and most importantly my whole view of myself and my body changed.

I have been so much lighter the last couple of weeks and through this whole process I’ve felt a ton of space free up and have been so HAPPY! This experience has taught me that, yes we can have our bad days but all we have to do is find that one thing that speaks to us personally that will get us to move out of the crap and into all the great things that can happen to us & how amazing we can feel about ourselves!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember – you woke up like this – OWN IT!


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