Fitness Friday – Peak 8

Most people that know me will say that fitness is my way of life. I workout for a multitude of different reasons but most importantly is so that I can take on any situation handed to me. I wasn’t always this way – in fact I use to HATE working out. One day though a switch flipped and it became THE daily routine that I have to do to feel like myself. 

I have been asked in the past about the routine/diet/training I do and I plan on sharing my workouts and diet with you all! I want to state that anything that I am sharing in the health/fitness area is only what works for me and you’ll need to test & try what works best for you. With that being said that I would love to do a health/fitness post every week. I am predominantly resistance training with some cardio and free weights and a few other moves thrown in. 

The first topic that I want to touch on is cardio. I am a girl that legitimately does not like cardio and would talk myself out of it every time. However I will say that within the last month I am training myself to like it – just a little ;). If you read my “I woke up like this!” post than you would know that I had some stuff going on and my cardio game became non existant. For the last month however I’ve been cardio back intervals with a program called Peak 8. I have been doing this form of cardio for about 2.5 years and have a love/hate relationship with it. Let me explain..

Peak 8 is a circuit where you are going to be going as fast/hard as you can for 30 seconds and then resting for 1:30 and repeating that 8 times. (See below for clarification.) There are many great benefits to his type of interval training but to keep it simple… When done properly, Peak 8 releases natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that has a lot of great health benefits. Some of these benefits include, increased fat loss, metabolic after burn (burn fat for up to 24 hours after a workout), and increased muscle repair in the body. 

  • WARM UP – 2 min. 
  • 1st interval – 30 sec. 
  • REST – 1:30
  • 2nd interval – 30 sec. 
  • REST – 1:30 
  • 3rd interval – 30 sec. 
  • REST – 1:30 
  • 4th interval – 30 sec. 
  • REST – 1:30 
  • 5th interval – 30 sec. 
  • REST 1:30 
  • 6th interval – 30 sec. 
  • REST 1:30 
  • 7th interval – 30 sec. 
  • REST 1:30 
  • 8th interval – 30 sec. 
  • COOL DOWN – 2 min. 

In that 2.5 years it has never gotten easier. I have had better days but its always a hard workout. You can do it multiple different ways, my go to choice is on a recumbent bike or outside, but you can do it on a stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical, or even incorporate into different exercises such as swimming. I like the recumbent bike because it allows me to use mostly lower body (the part I want to work on) and really cut that area up. Outside allows a full body blast and is really an elite form of training. For the outside version I was strapped to a parachute to give a little more resistance. I also use a heart rate monitor to make sure I’m in good zones for my age (heres a chart!), I’m typically between 160-180 bpm when doing Peak 8. The most important aspect to remember is to push yourself but always be aware of your exertion level. 

To keep fashion in the mix 😉 I wanted to talk about my favorite items for summer workouts. Once spring hits I am out of crops and into shorts regardless of the temp. I am hooked on Lululemon speed shorts because they are a shorter length and have a liner on the inside. Their swiftly tanks are amazing as well, they are the best lightweight material! I also love their Free to be bras, they are great because they are supportive and have a great design. As for my gym shoes – Nike Flyknits are the only option I go with. I love the amount of support the sole gives me and they keep me stable with all my moves. They also come in super pretty colors so thats a plus too! The last thing I want to talk about is my heart rate monitor, I use the Polar FT7 watch and monitor, which keeps me on track with all my workouts. I’ve linked everything down below, as well if you have any questions please feel free to comment below!

Outfit Details: 

Lululemon Swiftly Tank 

Lululemon Speed Short 

Lululemon Free to be Bra 

Nike Flyknit Lunar 3

Polar FT7 heart rate monitor


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