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Hi everyone! I’m super excited to start this segment on my blog! I love writing about fashion because it forces me to re look at my clothes and try things I would normally never do. However my favorite posts are when you get a little story into who I am. The Life section is definitely a peek into who I am and I love being able to put my experiences out there to help people! With all of that being said this is going to be a look into my life as it happens through my camera! I post most photos I take on Instagram (@keiamclean) but I don’t get around to posting everything on there. I’m going way back for this one – all the way to February until now so be prepared for photo overload 😉 

My first trip out to California! I got to see a little bit of La Jolla & Manhattan Beach and it was beautiful! Will definitely be going back for longer next time! 

Cali trip with great people <3 

Obsessed with this herb racks that I passed by on a walk! 

How JB  picks me up from the airport 😉 Love him! 

My girls A & C – out for one of our girls nights! Too many laughs & tons of dancing usually happens 🙂 

Date night in our leathers & sunnies! 

Now for Arizona overload! We went in April & fell in LOVE! This is the sunrise before our hot air ballon ride in the morning. 

So awesome to watch these balloons be blown up, they are gigantic! 

My favorite shot from that day! 

The vibe in Sedona is so different than anything else I’ve been around! Its touristy but has a quietness to it. This pic was taken on our hike to cathedral rock, ridiculous views! I am excited to go back next year and check out more hikes and the hot springs! 

This is the Chapel of the Holy Cross and its built right into the mountain! The architecture is so cool and the grounds are beautiful as well! 

These were the grounds of the chapel  – there were pennies thrown all around the rocks for luck. Very cool place! 

After our hike we stopped for lunch at Chocola Tree which is all organic vegetarian cafe and had the BEST avocado sandwich ever and delicious ginger lemonade! 

For our last night we went to Elements at the Sanctuary resort, they had the coolest atmosphere and amazing food as well! We sat outside beforehand to watch the sunset – I highly recommend going there and just sitting outside! We also had a great conversation with another family outside that just made our night 🙂 

Of course when we got home Koda was right by our side and so content <3 

In March JB and I were invited to Volunteers of America Dinner and got to meet Izzo! 

Another date night <3 JB & I went to Mani Osteria

A morning hike with Kodabear! Have so much love for those two <3 Clearly he was very happy after his hike! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Drought! Watermelon juice is ahhhmazing! 

Finally treated myself to the Triangl suits I’ve been lusting over! I’ll be talking about these in an upcoming favorites post 😉 

Last month JB and I got to see Lana Del Rey for the second time, she is our fave artist and and she rocked it out again! 

A MAJOR cheat meal! We did a liver cleanse a few weeks ago and this was our treat before the cleanse lol.. its better than after right 😉 Anyway we went to Ann Arbor for dinner at Grange – the duck fat fries OMG good! After we headed to Blank Slate Creamery and definitely indulged some more! 

Crushing a back & shoulders workout after that cheat meal 😉 

Sippin’ on my fave smoothie from Natural View – I get the Chocolate Supreme Crunch with maca added 🙂 

Fun night in Milford at the new amphitheater with JB’s family <3

Night out this past week with A & S! Not pictured are the boys 😉 


Hope you enjoyed a little look into my life 🙂 



  1. Beba
    June 29, 2015 / 3:05 pm

    Lovely photos . I really like your blog 🙂
    thanks for writing me on IFB I really hope that we will keep in touch.

    Follow you ,)

    • Keia McLean
      July 1, 2015 / 5:00 pm

      Thank you Beba! Love yours as well <3
      xoxo Keia

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