June Favorites

Hi guys, I’m excited to share with you my first favorites post! I love watching favorites videos and reading posts so I’m bringing it to LE too! I plan on showing you things that have made am impact on my month across the board. I know some people do specific like clothing or just makeup but I’m going to throw in everything. With that let’s get started 🙂 

The first thing I want to talk about with it being June favorites is swimsuits! I’ve been living in these two all summer. The first is from Victoria Secret and has a unique tribal design and cutouts on the top. For the past few years I haven’t liked the styles VS put out, but this year they have been rocking it! The second is from Triangl – I’m OBSESSED. I got a Triangl suit about 1 year and half ago when I first found about them and was like its cute but I wasn’t over the top in love. That is until I saw their crochet collection! Perfect combo of a sporty look mixed with a little beachy-ness. I would size down however in the tops. I am an XS top and SMALL bottom and its a great fit! 

Now let’s talk beauty. I have quite a few products that I am LOVING right now! The first has been a staple for about a year with me. Bumble & Bumble’s Dryspun spray is everything. I have naturally thick hair and its full but lacks volume and I hate teasing –  so enters dryspun, its a texture spray that I use everyday to give the sides & crown of my hair volume. It makes my hair a little “dirty” too so it holds curls better and my styles stay longer. 

I’m a natural makeup girl however I love my bronzer! I bought a new one last month and have put aside my two that I usually switch between. Too Faced’s Dark Chocolate Soleil bronzer has completely changed the game for me. The consistency is so nice and its a great glow – plus it smells like chocolate.. that’s an easy purchase 😉 I also have to talk about a super recent find thats totally worth mentioning. A lot of beauty bloggers I follow love Chanel’s cream bronzer. I was on the fringe of trying it when I saw the powder version of it. It’s amazing – literally is a sun kissed glow and I’ve been adding it on top of my regular bronzer for a little something extra. 

I’m also a skin product junkie and I am going to do a skincare post very soon. However there is one item I have to share with you right now. During the winter my skin became the driest it’s ever been especially on my hands. I purchased an oil called Miracle oil and it changed cuticles in 2 days! I decided ok I’m going to try this on my face at night and see what happens – even though I feel like an oil slick going to bed, I wake up with clear skin. I told my friend about it too and she loves it just as much! 

Fashion wise I have something really cool to share with you! My friend Kristi has an Etsy store called Grace Supply Co. and she makes the cutest clutches & bags! I needed a nude clutch and wanted a little texture to it so I worked with her and we came up with a design. The quality is great and she has several to pick from too if you want it right away 🙂 I would check her site out if I were you!

The last thing I have to share this month is Kimberly Snyder’s book – The Beauty Detox Foods. I started this in Arizona and haven’t finished yet but I wanted to share because it’s so informative! She is great at breaking down the technicalities of food and makes you realize what is actually good for your body and how horrible the bad stuff really is! Some things that are “healthy” may surprise you with the effect they have on your body – its a very eyeopening read. 

That’s all I have for you – I hope you enjoyed my first favorite post and maybe find something new from it 🙂 

Fave Details: 

Victoria Secret cutout bikini top & bottom  | Triangl Brigitte suit in blue sky Bumble & Bumble Dryspun sprayToo Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil bronzer | Chanel Powder bronzer  | Earthly Body Miracle Oil   | Grace Supply Co.  | The Beauty Detox Foods book


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