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Hi guys! I am really excited for this weekend… possibly because it’s my birthday weekend 😉 but also because I am SOOOO excited for today’s post! You know that fitness is a HUGE part of my life. I figured it would good to start a segment around that.. so Fit Fashion is born. I love trying out new activewear. I wear mostly Lululemon (I LOVE their shorts) but over the last year I’ve found myself trying new brands and falling in equal if not more love with their products.  

I’ve been really into edgy pieces for the last few months. That means cutouts – which is a style you guys know I’m a fan of 😉 With that said these were one of my first purchases into that style. I am all about function and 90% of the time once summer hits I’m in my shorts and lightweight tanks. I hate feeling like I have too much on when I work out because I freak out. Enter these Michi crops.. that solve all my overheating problems! 

The detail on them is awesome! First and foremost the breathability is the biggest component for me. These keep me cool throughout my workouts, especially in hot yoga. In there I always wear crops but get so hot so fast, so these are the PERFECT crop for that! I also love how the mesh goes all the way up the leg because let’s be honest… if you’re working for it – show it off! 

Seriously that mesh! All in all the construction is great on the crops. I am very picky about my bottoms because I like them to be opaque throughout all my squats, lunges, twists and turns. I also usually have to watch length on crops because of my height they usually end up running a little long, these are the right length (if you are taller here is the pant version of these!). 

My tank is my 2nd go to top for working out but an all the time go to for causal wear. I love the double duty in Lululemon cool racerbacks. This one is an old style but they are constantly pumping out new colors all the time. The fit is body hugging and I am a 4 in their tops for reference. My bra is also by Lululemon and is an old style but I love it because it clips in the front and dips a bit instead of rising up too high. I’ve linked a similar option below that I like just as much as this one 🙂 

I have to admit these are VERY old Nike’s. I am a Lunar Flyknit girl as of the moment but these are Nike Free’s. I still like these just as much as the day I got them (in fact so much I have them in 2 colors – plus different versions over the years lol). These have held up through multiple races (mud included!) and are still going strong! If I’m honest I’ve tried a couple other brands of athletic shoes and have always ended up back at Nike 🙂 

Lastly! I’m sure you’ve been seeing this baby show up in a few posts as I’ve been wearing it 24/7 lately! Even when I get dressed up… which you’ll see soon lol! My Polar m400 has been one of the BEST purchases I have ever made in regard to workout accessories. I was never a watch person but this has changed the game for me. I borrowed JB’s for a while because I was tracking calories and decided I needed my own Keia version 😉  With that I bought the white one and it’s been so helpful in tracking the calories I burn, my heart rate, & my heart rate zones during a workout. Plus you can add specific workout profiles on it such as mountain biking, yoga, swimming etc. 

And of course a picture with my Koda Bear on our morning walk. Every morning before my workout we take a walk and have some time just us 🙂 Have a good weekend you guys! 

Outfit Details: 

Michi Mesh Cutout Capri | Lululemon Tank | Lululemon Bra – n/a similar here | Nike Free – mine are super old new version here | Polar m400 watch | Silver Mirrored Aviators 


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