Make your own Momentum

Hi guys! Hope this Tuesday is treating you well 🙂 Today’s post is very special to me because this year has been full of ups and downs but yesterday was my birthday so right now I’m calling a clean slate. Right now things are great but I am cleaning up every aspect of my life as a new start to 24! For me that means my closet,  home, car, relationships, businesses, basically anything that can make space for me is getting looked at. Now the reason behind that move is this quote below. 

Now I LOVE this quote for so many reasons. The main one is part of the reason this blog came to be. Without going into detail of a VERY CLOSE future move for Live Extraordinary, this quote made me look at my life a little bit before starting LE. I was reminded of why I wanted to start Live Extraordinary. The conception of this blog came from a different place of just wanting to start a blog (we’ll get to that VERY soon! 😉 but toying with that idea made me realize that in life you have hundreds of thousands of moments. Some of these are happy, sad, exciting, terrifying, calming and so many more. Those moments define us on how we choose to handle each and every aspect that comes into life. I said to myself – why can’t every moment have a little extraordinary to it?! Like a smile from someone on a very crappy day,  owning up to something you said even though it may not be easy, spending time with someone you care about, catching a minute of a sunset. In those moments; good or bad – sometimes they can get pretty convoluted with how much goes on in our lives. In those moments you are closer to yourself than at any other moment. You made your own momentum to create space for yourself throughout your day and stayed authentic to yourself! 

With that being said, the move that is coming for LE is a make your own momentum move that I am incredibly excited about. It takes all my passions and puts them together to create something that I 100% stand behind and am excited to share with those who want to 🙂 I promise that the announcement is right around the corner so until then… 

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