The world is full of people trying to fit in. As a person you see a lot on social media about being about being perfect, having the best photos, getting likes, etc. After starting this blog I had a major moment of second guessing. I wanted to do this so much because I honestly love it but with it comes putting a bit of yourself out there. My goal is to stay as authentic to who I am as possible. The first few months were hard because you do compare yourself to others, with that realization I made a vow to myself that every item I post regardless of topic will be me & my authentic words. 

That’s why its taken me so long to sit down and write a life post. I choose to only write these when things come up. Lately there’s a lot of talk about being authentic. In fact it is quite the buzzword of the moment.  I have to say I love that it has become a movement and created an awareness about being your full potential. With that said, I think in today’s society it can get a little convoluted as to what the message of being authentic is really about. We can all get so caught up in life’s craziness that at times your authenticity can be hard to hold onto. 

I have the upmost respect for people who choose to live their lives as authentic as possible. To me authenticity is who you are at your core. I feel only you as a person truly know what that feels like for yourself. You can be whoever you want in front of a group of people but when you sit down and look in a mirror, who are you? 

When I think about who I am, there are some things I just know in my gut. I know that I am a kind person who would help anyone in a split second. I love to pass kindness on in any way I can. I know that I have such a passion for life and living it to the fullest that I choose always to look at life from a positive angle even when that’s unthinkable. I know that I would kill for the people I care about, and I mean that in the most respectful way. I know that living a fit and healthy life is what I am about and when I go off that path, I become unhappy. I love the human body and seeing it at it’s greatest potential. I know that there are people that like to be around me and other’s that don’t, and I’m ok with that. I know that the new move in my life is the most excited I have ever been and it’s brought out a more authentic Keia. 

When it’s all said and done, my blog is about Living Extraordinary and I believe that in order to live a great life you have to be able to be comfortable walking in your shoes every second. Being authentic isn’t about being perfect, the best, or what other’s tell you to be.  It’s about being you, 100% of the time. 

Own who you are and really look at yourself and see what you like and decide whether you are living your most authentic life. 



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  1. Sarah
    September 30, 2015 / 5:17 pm

    Thanks for sharing Keia! As I am trying to live a more authentic life, this post really hits home and is easy to relate to. Keep it up!!!


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