LE Clothing Co. LAUNCH!

Happy Monday everybody! I am incredibly excited to announce today that my company Live Extraordinary Clothing Co. will be launching this week! It has definitely been a labor of love but I have learned so much through the process and have had the best support system. Today I want to share a little sneak peek with you guys of the items I will be offering and a little background on what LE Clothing Co. is all about! 

Growing up my parents started our family business The Bear Factory when I was 10. I got to see what starting a business really looked like from the ground up. The hard work, sleepless nights, and the self sacrifice. However with all of those aspects the rewarding factor that happens when the business thrives is amazing! When I see kids with our products its so cool to see the happiness that it brings them. I knew that one day that I wanted to be able to create something like they did. 

When I got the opportunity to do the designs for the items we sell, I jumped on it! I love design and being able to use that creative outlet was awesome! I was designing the plush & clothing items for the company and during this it made me realize my even bigger love for designing fashion. Even though I was happy, it wasn’t 100% what I wanted to do. 

In May, I went to Arizona with my family and the idea of starting a graphic tee line & blog was in my head. Like I’ve said in other posts, I was really hesitant of taking that jump. While we were driving into Scottsdale I was looking out the window and the view was breathtaking. I had a moment and something said “Just take the chance”. I realized in that moment that I wanted and needed to take that jump and at least try it. If I fail it was a lesson learned, but if I succeed – which is what I am choosing to do 😉 – then the message I want to spread could really be something! 

LE Clothing Co. is a clothing line but its also a lot more than that. My whole concept of creating it was about living this extraordinary life that we’ve ben given and reveling in the moments that make each day worth it. It’s also about staying true to yourself 100% of the time. 

Each quote on the shirts have a purposeful meaning and my brand identifier is the Flower of Life. I’ve had a lot of people ask what that symbol is and I’m incredibly excited to bring more awareness to it. I believe that Flower of Life is a catalyst to raise the vibe in our lives. Ever since I first saw it I was incredibly drawn to it and knew from day one that’s what I wanted to identify my brand with. So my goal is that when you wear it you are bringing in good energy and raising your vibe to keep your life extraordinary! 🙂 With that, here is a little look at the tanks & tee’s coming your way this week! 

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   Our products will be launching this week for Pre-order on our website: www.leclothingco.com

Here’s a little sneak peek for you 😉 In total there are 3 women’s tanks & 3 men’s crew neck tees with more items planned for fall/winter! 

I need to also take a minute to thank all that have supported me thus far! My family has been amazing in making this dream a reality – love you guys! My friends have been a huge catalyst in helping me grow both my blog and my company and I can never thank them enough for that (you all know who you are & I have so much respect for each of you!). However the most important person in this whole thing has been my mother in law (Hi Julie!). Without her help, expertise, and kindness I would never have been able to get this off the ground! Thank you to all of you & for being a part of my extraordinary life <3 

Let’s create a movement about being all in on living an Extraordinary Life! #LElife 



  1. September 29, 2015 / 9:21 pm

    So cool!

    • Keia McLean
      January 11, 2016 / 11:31 pm

      Thank you Luke!

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