October Favorites

Hello lovlies! Today’s post is a favorite post and I know I’ve been lacking in these for the last few months! I am INCREDIBLY exicted to share these with you as I am using/eating/wearing etc to all of these on a daily basis lol! So let’s get into it! 

Let’s start with fashion.. I two tops that I have been living in recently! The first is the most absolute perfect, cozy, soft hoodie you will ever see! I was at the mall a few weeks ago and passed by Lucy and found myself running in there to check out a hoodie that was in the window. It was love at first sight.. I didn’t even try it on, I just knew. There are so many things I love about this but the inside is the best. Its fleecy on the inside so its super soft! I love the cowlneck look, pocket in the front, and the longer length so I can cuddle up in it when I’m freezing 🙂 It’s perfect and if you want anything in this post it should be this!  I have to talk about my tank tops from my company LE Clothing Co. because since starting the designing process I have been in these almost everyday. They are super soft and the perfect layering piece, I’ve been wearing mine to workout out and they are super breathable! 

Lucy Hoodie | LE Clothing Co. Tank

Accessory wise I have two items that I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF. First is my Rebecca Minkoff Bucket bag and this has been the bag I’ve been grabbing everyday for errands, work, and going out. Its so different and I love the moto & fringe details and how much it can carry. Secondly I have these Schultz booties and I snatched these up when ShopBop had their 25% off sale a few weeks ago. These are PERFECT end of story! So comfy and I love the braided detailing! 

Rebecca Minkoff Bag | Schultz Booties

Over the last few months I’ve been working on getting a lot of chemicals out of my skincare routine. I’ve been working with a lot of serums lately and when we were in Cabo we found Santo Cabo, a skincare company that is 100% natural and organic and amazing 😉 They are super private the online store is only open to existing customers, however you can REQUEST the password to shop HERE. I am not sure how it works as I bought my products there and have an account. The reason I want to share with you even though it’s private it truly is awesome skincare! I’ll be doing a more in depth post of the items that I purchased but I still wanted to share just in case you do request and decide to get some 🙂 My favorite item is the lip balm its seriously the best I’ve ever had! The other beauty product I have been using like crazy is KMS humidity seal hairspray. Seriously this summer’s heat and fall’s rain have had my hair limp and my curls just falling out but this stuff saves my hair! 

Santo Cabo products | KMS Hairspray

I’ve got a few little extras this month and one is a new protein bar! Now I’ve been a Quest fan for years but I didn’t like the long list of ingredients and not knowing what’s in their protein blend exactly. Enter RX Bar. Each bar has 5-6 WHOLE FOOD ingredients like almonds and dates. I have been loving the chocolate sea salt and pumpkin flavors. They are incredibly filling and even though they are between 200-210 calories they have better ingredients then most bars that have less calories. Another little extra is a nail color that I’ve had on since I’ve been home from Cabo. I’ve been wearing “OPI Sao Paulo Over There”. It’s the perfect brown/grey shade for fall! Lastly if you know me then you know I am a MAJOR fan of Lana Del Rey! I’ve seen her in concert twice & own every album (unreleased songs as well lol!). With that said her new album Honeymoon is amazing! I have to say at first I was like “Oh this is interesting, I’m not loving it so much..” but after listening to it every time I’m in my car, at work, working out I feel in love! If you like slightly musical inspired Pink Floyd sounds then you will love it! 

RX Bar | OPI polish in Sao Paulo Over There | Lana Del Rey Honeymoon Album

Hope you guys enjoyed this this months picks! I’ll be doing a holiday picks next month that I’m excited to put together! Have a great Monday you guys! 


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