Vacation Style – Side Slit Maxi

Hey guys! My weekend FLEW by and I have so much going on this week that I’m hoping this week will do the same!  I’m getting to the end of my Cabo style posts and will be sharing my travel diary next week. It’s taken me a little longer than I thought to sift through all of my photos 🙂 Today I’m super excited to share this post! Not only because I am obsessed with this skirt but because I am equally obsessed with this location – Flora Farms. I will go in more detail about the farm in next week’s post but honestly its one of the most peaceful places I’ve been. From the food, property and stores, there’s somehow so much going on but it’s sooo relaxed at the same time! 

Honestly I was a little overwhelmed when we first pulled up because there’s a lot to take in. You want to shop and eat and just wander. So JB and I did a little bit of everything! 

I knew that I was going to be walking a lot this night so I opted for a flats for this outfit that I have been lusting to wear! This was the entrance to some of the crops on property. If you stay here, one of the cool things is you can go out and pick your own fresh produce right from the garden and take it home! As close to farm to table as you can get 🙂 

Ok so let’s talk about this outfit a little 😉 I bought this set months ago and wanted to wear it all summer but just didn’t get around to it. I knew it would be perfect for Cabo though! This crop top is amazing! It was a bit of a splurge but I tried 4 others and couldn’t find one that had support but also was long enough. This crop top does fit on the smaller side and I ended up ordering the medium because there’s really no stretch but it’s super supportive. 

This skirt! <3 <3 <3 the colors alone sold me on this baby! But I love high waisted maxi skirts and this was one was calling my name for so many reasons! It’s SO lightweight and flows beautifully. I absolutely adore the side slits though! It takes it from looking one way to adding a little flair to it. Plus it was perfect in the Cabo heat! 

The property like I said above was beautiful! This was the little square in the middle of 4 stores. One of which is the AMAZINGGGG skin care company Santo Cabo. I have to tell you that I just received some more products that I bought online and I’m even more obsessed than I already was. I will be doing a full post on all the products from there very soon! 

As you can tell I loved this place. I love a more natural way of life and loved seeing right where my food came from. Its a gorgeous place to go and to just hang out. This is one of my musts when visiting Cabo. I know when we go back, we will for sure go here again! 

Enjoying the view drinking my farmarita 😉 P.S. I’m sitting on the upper part of the farm house where Adam Levine got married 😛 

Outfit Details: 

Miguelina Zoe crop top – similar here & here | Minkpink slit maxi skirt – similar here, here & here | Sam Edelman sandals



  1. November 17, 2015 / 6:55 am

    What a gorgeous shots! You look amazing.
    Xox, Raysa

    • Keia McLean
      January 11, 2016 / 11:30 pm

      Thank you love! As you always do too! <3
      xo K

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