Happy 2016 everyone! I still can’t believe how fast the last few weeks have gone by! Honestly it was super nice to take a break from blogging and just spend time with my family and friends and have some downtime. That being said, I did miss it and wanted this year’s first post to be about something that I’ve really been working on lately – which is cleaning up. 

With 2016 being a fresh start I wanted to continue the momentum that I started to build the last few months of 2015. Back in October I really started working through different aspects of my life because I was having TONS of things happen and they were not exactly going as I wanted them to. I will be really real with you. The weight I had taken off during the summer came back, my nutrition was crap, my skin was breaking out, I was an emotional mess, and I was scrambling to figure out why all of this was happening. I feel like the only conversations I had with my family were about trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I really tore my self down in this process and my relationships started to have their issues too. With all of this going on I made a decision to get cleaned up and I did just that! Right now I am in the BEST place I’ve been in, in about a year and half and this is what I did to help myself get right. 

I started with my body because it was the main thing driving me insane. I envisioned my body as a room. Was it a clean room? Did it have clutter? How much if so? Could I figure out a way to get rid of this cutter other than hiding it and having to clean it back up at a later date? – This truly made all the difference because its easy to clean a room when you know how to and where everything goes. This is how I did it room by room! I cleaned up each room – the physical (internal and external), cellular, emotional and mental. 

The first thing I started with was physical & cellular by getting my eating back on the right track. I added tea morning and night each day, started juicing again, tweaked my morning smoothie, started eating more REAL foods and cut out even more crap. Now I want to be upfront and honest that I do eat fairly clean all the time but I do have times that I fall of the wagon and its extremely hard for me to get back on. Sometimes I just want to turn off my brain, indulge and enjoy. It’s still something I struggle with but I’m consciously working on it everyday. My friend who is an endocrinologist told me the reason why some people can eat tons and not gain weight is because of their mindset with food. The difference is how your hormones react with your emotional mind set that tells your body whether to lose or gain weight. This has been a HUGE struggle for me because I will eat something and say to myself I regret it and I am always unhappy. I learned by cleaning up that I could relax with my food and enjoy what I was having instead of being scared and it made all the difference! I feel so good and I’m eating what I want, still staying healthy & enjoying life! Thats a win-win-win situation in my book 😉 

The clean up with food  really opened my awareness with how by body was reacting with certain foods.  I had some signs pop up that were telling me I need to pay closer attention to what I am doing. I came to the realization this year that there are just some food items that I don’t tolerate very well at all. For me I know that gluten is the worst for my body. I went mostly gluten free this year and now I get a horrible stuffy nose when I eat it. In fact JB’s feet will start to swell  from too much gluten when we’re out to eat!  I wanted to share that because I know a lot of people may not know they even have a gluten intolerance! Another one I learned is that I have a sensitivity to sugar & alcohol. This one took a bit for me to figure out because I don’t eat a ton of it or drink a ton to begin with but now I get a dry throat and dry skin if I have too much. This one has actually gotten wayyy worse in the past 6 months –  but I take it was a sign that I am cleaning up even more within in my body. In fact if I have just one drink and dessert at dinner I have this every time – its literally crazy but I love having the feedback that I need to pay attention! The last and final thing I learned is that I can’t handle red meat. I only usually eat red meat 2-3 times a year to begin with but this year if I did have it I would get this thick feeling in my throat like I just wasn’t digesting correctly at all. With all of these experiences I’ve really narrowed down what my body hates and loves! Now it’s definitely harder to hang with people especially if they don’t get it or don’t have sensitivity issues too but all in all I realized I have to take care of my body when it shows signs that I am mistreating it. Since cleaning up my diet I feel so much better, eat less but feel better, and have tons of more energy! This has been one thing I wanted to talk about on here for a while because some friends have asked why I don’t eat certain things and hopefully you can see if your body may be needing a little TLC too. 

The second was external aspects. For me this was clean up on the items I use with and on my body. I watched a documentary on the chemicals in our daily lives and was so freaked out! I tried to change to all natural products but still couldn’t find skincare items that would work good for me and would also be healthy for my body. Over the last 3 months I have found a couple companies with products that I could rave about for days! I’ve seen ACTUAL results and will continue to use these each and every day! I will be doing a full post on both but the short story is that I found an 100% natural company and a skin product that have literally changed my skin. Going on with the all natural approach there were some other personal things I changed too that I feel have a huge impact on everything.  The thing we don’t realize is that if we put items on and in our body that are hurtful, no matter how we eat, train, live its going to hurt it and affect us. 

The third room was emotional. I had one hell of an emotional year. Long story short with this one I came to the realization that for me to be comfortable with me I had to let go of what some people see me as and get to what I know about myself. I know I am still working on this one because its a pretty big aspect. The way I look at it is that only you knows you go through and how you feel about yourself – sometimes were ourselves biggest advocate and other times worst enemy. It takes a lot of looking at yourself to get this one cleaned up but there is so much space cleared when you live for yourself 100% of the time. Let me be clear has been a big one for me and I work on it every day because I value how other’s perceive me because I want to put my best self forward always. 

The fourth has been the biggest kick to me the mental aspect. I am a person who will tell you I am always in my head. I nit pick and try to work things till they cannot be worked anymore. Its terrible and drives me crazy. Even though I know I still struggle with it I’ve been getting better with not getting as worked up with it and just working through things a little different. I’ve had to learn how to relax and realize that life is playing out just the way its supposed to. I can make it better by what I focus on but I needed to learn that worrying about the nitty gritty was getting be nowhere. What helped me was adding a daily yoga vinyasa that’s about 10-15 mins long for me to clear my head. Honestly I just did it one day and have been since November and its given me room to breathe. It makes my workout relaxed and more focused as well as my day. My favorite thing is that is has made me feel strong which has been a mental move of being strong too. 

Cleaning up each one of these “rooms” is truly getting me to a place of really enjoying my life. I had a friend tell me something that really hit me in a way that at first hurt but made things so much clearer. She told me that I look like I live a really easy life. Now I would agree with you if you look at my social media accounts but remember thats only a highlight reel. I sure as shit am not going to share with you if I have a zit, am fighting with JB, something bad happens, or I have a breakdown. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I have to clean up my own crap just as much as anyone out there. Life is not about butterflies and rainbows all the time, its about creating an extraordinary life by being aware. All it takes is a little clean up with yourself and you’ll share a life with people that looks easy because it is! There will always be those moments when we have to go back and pick something up off the ground in that room but hey at least we know how to do it. 

Hopefully this tool can help you guys with things you’re working on. Really this is just for you to feel and be your best. Let’s make 2016 a clean year and one for the books! 🙂


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