Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a fabulous week! Besides the usual work stuff I treated myself a little this week and got a great massage which was well overdue – like 4 months overdue! If you live in the Brighton area I would HIGHLY recommend checking out Azul Massage and Body Care! Lavelle is amazing and by far gives the best massage I’ve ever had! You can check out his website HERE 🙂 

I am SUPER excited to share a recipe for breakfast today that I shared a little peek at over on Snapchat (keiamclean). I am working on a training and food update very shortly and I’ve really been making my breakfasts my main source of food during the day and have been loving it! With that being said these are one of my faves that are so easy to make, great grab & go option, and are healthy! Perfect trifecta if you ask me 😉 The great thing about these pancakes are that they are baked so there’s no added oil. They’re also  gluten & dairy free and have no added sugar. Any sweetness is all natural from the fruit and almond butter. I’ve been making these non stop lately and they were the perfect addition to xmas brunch! Let’s get into it! 

This is all you need for these babies! You can add/take out anything you want as well. I added the walnuts and flaxseed to my recipe 

ripe bananas | eggs | almond butter | baking soda | flaxseed | walnuts 

First, pre-heat your oven to 400 on convection. These tend to take a little longer to bake through if you don’t use convection. 

The first step is to mash your bananas very well. I’m using 4 but you can use 2,3, or as many as you want! You will just add more or less of the following ingredients depending on how many you decide to use. You want to make sure that once mashed, they are creamy with a little texture. These 4 bananas will yield about 12 pancakes. 

Once youve mashed your bananas, add in your eggs. For 4 bananas I used 2 eggs so for 2 bananas use 1 egg or 5 bananas, use 3 eggs. 

Then comes my faveeee part! If you have seen my other recipes you know I LOVE almond butter! This makes these so yummy and hearty. You can trade this out for any other nut butter as well. The measurement for this is 1 tbs. of almond butter to 1 banana. So for this yield I used 4 tbs. I also use a no added sugar almond butter.

Next comes the baking soda. I love Bob’s Red Mill products for baking, to me, they make the best and are at a great price point. There’s no exact measurement for the baking soda, I eyeballed almost a full SMALL spoonful of it into the mixture. 

You can stop at the above step and throw them in the oven at this point if you want or you can throw in some add ins. Here I am adding flaxseed because its so amazing and I add it to anything I can as you know 🙂 Again I have no measurement I just add as much as I want into it, so its whatever you desire! 

Then, mix all of the above ingredients until they are throughly mixed together. 

I then chopped about 1 full cup of walnuts to added it to the mixture. Once chopped, fold them into the mix and make sure they are mixed throughout the whole bowl. 

The final step before baking is lining a baking sheet with parchment paper. Then each pancake is 2 tbs. of the mixture. These are the perfect size and makes it so you have an even amount 🙂 

Plop them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. I recommend checking them at 15 mins to see if they need to be in longer. I cooked these for about 18 mins and they were perfect. You want to wait until they are golden brown all over. 

Perfectly done! 

How yummy do these look!?! 

That’s it! I usually throw some strawberries on top but skip the syrup because these are naturally sweet but you do whatever you want! A little syrup never hurt no one 😉 The best part about these is they stay fresh in the fridge and you can throw them in the toaster to heat up before you head out the door. 

Let me know in the comments or on Instagram if you try these out! I’d love to hear how you liked them or if you added something different! I am so excited to be sharing more and more recipes with you guys! Im cooking up some more great recipes – pun intended 😉 – that will be on here soon! Have a great weekend everyone!


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