Happy Tuesday you guys! I’m finally getting back to it after a few weeks of feeling off and it feels good! I am super excited to share a brand with you that is all about female empowerment & rocking out your goals! Nicole Gonzalez is the girl behind the brand and I have to tell you from our correspondence she is super down to earth and honestly wants to create a platform that brings together powerful women and supports them!

As a fellow entrepreneur when I saw N’s product I fell in love!  Her tee design is so simple but for us girl bosses I know it speaks volumes! I knew I needed to rock it, you can check it out below! My first thought was I wanted to know the vision behind the tee. Once I checked out Project NM’s vision I knew I had to talk to Nicole about it!

As you know from previous posts I truly believe in women building up other women. We should be proud of each other’s successes and build each other up at every chance. With that being said I am so excited to share N’s interview that discusses just that! Here’s a little about Project NM, the product, the vision & the future! 

Q: Why did you start Project NM?
Honestly, what inspired me to start PROJECT NM was the desire to connect with millennial entrepreneurs and women who just “get it”. Being an entrepreneur is sometimes a lonely journey, it’s hard to find people who believe in what you believe in and who believe there’s more to life than just living an “ok” life… I wanted to create an online space to connect, inspire, share ideas, support, and collaborate with fellow like- minded business babes and other millennial entrepreneurs. And that’s when PROJECT NM was born-one Monday morning while drinking coffee and brainstorming with my Mom!

Q: How is Project NM different?
A: I have followed tons of Motivational accounts in the last 2 years and never truly felt long-term inspiration and motivation. I’d follow them and then find myself un-following them because I never really felt inspired or motivated. These accounts had ONE thing in common, everything was centralized around expensive cars, money, homes, clothes, watches, etc. and while I’m all for being successful and being financially free, I understand that those material things are a by-product of financial freedom. I feel there’s more to success than owning everything you see in those “trendy motivational accounts”. If you’re not PASSIONATE about what you do, whether that’s design, art, photography, whatever it may be, your chances of overcoming the inevitable challenges and obstacles that life WILL throw at you are slim to none and no motivational account in the world with a girl in an Audi dressed head-to-toe in Balmain is going to motivate you when everything is falling apart. I’ve learned that the passion and overflowing belief in us is in fact the best source of long-term motivation and inspiration. That’s the fuel that will get us through those times when we WILL doubt ourselves, feel that everything and everyone is against us, and second-guess everything we’re working towards.
I knew when I was creating PROJECT NM that I wanted to create something I felt I was missing-real inspiration and motivation from a more relatable and passionate space. There’s more to success than having a house on the water, driving a Bentley, and having a closet full of designer clothes. I want my tribe to understand and fuel their passion through their “why”. Why are they creating their businesses? Why do they want to create their ideal life? Why did they even start their businesses? I wanted my account to be more than just “pretty cars, shoes, money and houses”. I wanted to create an account that inspired not only me to create my ideal life and to show me how it could be if I followed my intuition but to show everyone else who followed along that it is possible. I wanted to feel an emotion when I saw a picture and read the caption under it. I wanted to see a picture and read the caption and be like “hell yessss, I got this!” So I decided to create a platform where I felt the posts were full of emotion and real life circumstances while still showcasing the freedom you could have if you decide to create your ideal life/business. PROJECT NM doesn’t focus so much on the materialistic aspects of success or give the impression that having that car, or house, or closet full of Chanel bags you see in magazines or in these “motivational accounts”, result in “true success”. PROJECT NM is a game-changer. The post are real, full of emotional, and instill this belief that if you decide to create your ideal life and work hard at pursing your goals, alongside other like- minded millennial entrepreneurs who believe in what you believe in, you’re going to make it-genuine inspiration from a real-life #girlboss.

Q: What are your professional and personal aspects you want to accomplish with it?
I want to inspire and motivate millennial entrepreneurs and like-minded babes to either take their first steps into the entrepreneur world or empower them to continue pursing their life-long goals. I want to be “that bestie” who pushes them to continue to pursue their goals and become the best authentic version of themselves. We all have a destiny to fulfill but not all of us do because of fear. My mission is to empower the PROJECT NM tribe to come to the realization they CAN and WILL live the lives they’ve always imagined if they believe in their greatness and take that step. As long as they work hard, stay motivated and remain focused, they will make it, without a doubt. I want to give them that sense of hope and encouragement to take a chance and step outside of their comfort zones. I strongly believe we are the ultimate creators of our realities. We all have a choice and I’m here to show them, it CAN and WILL be done!

Q: What advice do you have for women that want to start their own company?
I think there comes a time when every woman thinks to herself, “Is this what I was really meant to do with my life?” My advice to her would be this: Listen to your intuition. Let your passion(s) be your guide. Believe in yourself 150%. Stay present. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and believe in what you believe in. And never let ANYONE tell you something can’t be done or is “unrealistic”. Don’t worry about what everyone else will think and what they’d say. Listen to your inner voice, and don’t second-guess yourself. You want to travel the world and work from your laptop? Do it. You want to start your own fashion line? Do it. You want to write a book? Do it. You want to plan weddings? Do it. You want to be the next entrepreneur on Forbes? Do it. Point. Blank. Period.

Q: What are your top 5 attributes that you believe every woman should have in business and in life?

  1. Passion
  2. Being a Risk-take
  3. Perseverance
  4. A genuine and good heart
  5. A Thick Skin


Q: How do you manage your day-to-day schedule to make it easier in the long run?
I create my schedule/to-do list on Sunday nights and write every single thing down in my calendar the second it pops up. What I’ve learned these last couple months from launching PROJECT NM is that your calendar is your best friend! I struggled so much in the beginning trying to juggle all my to-dos thinking I could “remember everything”, little did I know that was clearly not the case-lol! You have to be extremely organized if not it could get very overwhelming REALLY quick. We’re all humans; so obviously we’re going to have “those days” where we forget things or double book meetings, forget to answer an email. However, if you take the time to sit down and go over everything you have to do and break it down into small to-dos, I promise you, your life will get easier and your business will run smoothly!

Q: What is your background in?
Event Management, Marketing and Photography!

Q: What was the process that helped you develop Project NM?
I’d say, listening to my inner voice and letting my true self guide me in the direction I needed to go. The second I stopped “trying to figure everything out” and just let myself be ME and feel into my passions, PROJECT NM manifested. I feel everyone has a destiny, something they were put on this earth to do and my mission is to help these entrepreneurs and anyone who has that entrepreneur gene tucked away somewhere in their bodies, feel into their true selves and help them create their ideal lives. All the answers you’ve always longed for are tucked away behind your fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs you may have of yourself. You just have to give yourself room to grow outside your comfort zone and trust yourself. I honestly believe 1000% that you wouldn’t have those desires/ideas stored deep down in your subconscious if that wasn’t what you were truly meant to do. Like the old saying goes, TRUST YOUR GUT.

Q: What were your emotions during the “it” moment of Project NM’s conception?
“OMG, THIS IS IT”! Those were my exact words right when I thought of “PROJECT NM” and when I sketched my very first tee design on a bounty napkin, right at my kitchen table. I had never felt such excitement and relief at the same exact time! It was like I knew right there and then that’s what I HAD to do.

Q: Where do you see Project NM in 5 years?
I see PROJECT NM being more established and being that “go-to” hub for millennial entrepreneurs and #girlbossess to get inspired, collaborate, shop basics that keep them motivated and connect with fellow like-minded entrepreneurs.
In five years, PROJECT NM will be known for connecting successful business owners, being that go-to motivational/inspirational vision board, empowering millennial entrepreneurs to create the lives they’ve always imagined, putting together workshops and events to connect these #bosses, and serving as a constant reminder that as long as you believe in yourself, limits don’t exist!

Q: The “Feature” tab sounds so interesting! Is there any information you can give when the “features” is going to go live, as well as how it work?
The “Features” tab will feature inspiring and REAL one-on-one interviews with fellow #girlbosses, power couples, PROJECT NM Tribe Members, and other millennial entrepreneurs who are deliberately creating their ideal lives! I will personally be interviewing these determined and unstoppable ladies and gents and sharing their inspiring stories in hopes to inspire others to start living the life they’ve were destined to live. The Features tab is scheduled to go live in April. Every 60 days, I will publish a new feature in which the PROJECT NM tribe will be able to read up on, view pictures and have an opportunity to collab/connect with our tribe highlight!

Q: What do you hope women take away from Project NM?
Most defiantly, real inspiration, motivation, and genuine hope!

Q: Finally, is there anything you want to add or say to the readers of this interview?
Are you ready to start living your ideal life?! Since I already know you answered yes to that question, join the tribe right now by following @shop_projectnm on IG and by entering your email address at for email updates! This is your time so let’s get crackin’!

Thank you again to Nicole who was awesome enough to talk to me about her brand and passion behind it! 

Join the tribe & check out Project NM here


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