Hey guys! I had planned to have this for you yesterday but Sunday night we had another power outage – which has been the norm this winter for us! I think this was our 6 or 7th outage so that was fun lol! Besides that JB and I had a super chill weekend with the snowstorm that hit. We were supposed to head to Canada last weekend but will be going this weekend instead so I’m looking forward to that! Hope you guys had a great weekend too! 

Today I am sharing my go to breakfast! I’ve shared another coconut bowl which you can see here 🙂 and as much as I love that one this one has been my literal every day breakfast since DECEMBER! It’s packed full of healthy fats and superfood so it will keep you going all day long! It’s so delicious, take a look below for the recipe!

It’s super similar to the other bowl I’ve done but a few little extras really make it! Everything can be found at either Kroger, Whole food, Costco, or your local health food store. 

Cultured Coconut Milk | Black Chia Seed | Ground Flaxseed | Aussie Bites (found at Costco) | Raspberries & Blueberries | Coconut Chips | Almond Butter | Bee Pollen 

The base is SO cultured coconut milk which is like a yogurt but with a more watery consistency. I love this because there’s no dairy and they have several different flavors that you can try too! Honestly though this is the perfect base because its flavor isn’t too sugary with what you add to it. I don’t have an exact measurement for how much I use but I would say between 2-4 ounces depending on how I feel after my workout that day. 

The next thing I add are Aussie bites, they are like a little muffin but I like to break them up like granola over the coconut milk. You could add in anything you want such as granola or cereal. I break up two Aussie bites for my bowl. You can get them at Costco or here on Amazon 🙂 

You guys know I LOVE flaxseed and add it to anything I possibly can! For my bowl I add in two tablespoons. Again you can add as much or as little as you want. I love flaxseed because its high in omega-3’s, can reduce sugar cravings, and can help with weight loss!

Another thing you know I am huge fan of is chia seeds! I add in a tablespoon of these to the mixture. There are so many incredible benefits of chia seeds but I have to say my favorite is how it helps with digestive health. I’ve noticed a huge difference since adding more into my diet. They also are super high in antioxidants too!

Next you mix all the above ingredients together. The reason I do this now instead of at the end is once the chia seeds are mixed in they start to absorb the coconut milk and expand. This is when the chia seed delivers most of its nutrients and can clean out the digestive track. I then add any berries I want to it, this time being raspberries & blueberries 🙂 

Next comes the toppings! One topping I like to add for a little crunch is Dang coconut chips, they are so freaking good! I could eat a whole bag in one sitting.. no joke. 

I’m pretty sure you can all guess that this is my faveeeeorite part lol! A tablespoon of almond butter goes on top. Again I’ve talked about this brand of almond butter before and I love it because it has no added sugar. 

Last but not least, a new add in I’ve been LOVING for a few weeks has been bee pollen! I cannot rave enough about this! The benefits to bee pollen are insane! First and foremost you need to know it contains all the amino acids and nutrients the body needs. I really love it because its a source of vegan protein. It also improves endurance/energy, helps you fight off illness, and calms skin irritants. I can say that my skin has had less redness since I’ve upped my dosage as well! I use a teaspoon of bee pollen on my bowl or if I have a side of fruit I also put some on it. The fruit will reinforces the activity of the pollen in the body. Seriously try this stuff out you guys, its a game changer! 

How good does this look?!

I’m already excited to make mine later today! Please note that it’s technically Monday night , and this will be published tomorrow but I’m already dreaming of it soooo that sums up how I feel about this bowl lol ;P 

Let me know if you guys like this new version of my coconut bowl! Enjoy! 


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