Hey guys! Last week and this past weekend went by so fast for me! JB and I got away on Thursday for a little trip to Niagara Falls and had the most amazing time! It was a quick trip but totally worth it. I am going to do a recap later this week because where we stayed was a great place to get away for a day or two – especially for us Michiganders its a nice change of pace from the typical trip Up North. 

Today I’m sharing a little leather style & tips for buying a big ticket item! 

This is pretty much a go-to look for me. I LOVE a good leather jacket look because its so effortless but also badass. 

As soon as I saw this All Saints jacket in the store window I knew it was a match made in heaven! It was so different and so my style that I knew I’d kick myself if I didn’t at least try it. I paired this with an outfit I constantly have on repeat – jeans, black longsleeve, and my faveeee Dolce Vita boots! 

The detailing on this jacket is SICKKK! Like I’ve said I love a good leather and NO ONE makes them like All Saints! I’ve lusted over way too many pieces in their stores and if I could I would buy everything – buttt I’m pretty sure that would not be a good decision and JB would have my head lol! So with that said I will love this piece with every part of my heart ;P 

The sweater cowlneck was the whole reason I fell in love with this jacket. It is rediculously cozy and warmer than warm! The quality of All Saints pieces are incredible. Honestly I have to say its one of the best brands I have ever bought from and this piece will be forever in my collection. 

Besides the sweater front, the zipper detailing & belt are perfection! The hardware is a brushed silver which I am obsessed with!

Now honestly this was an item I saved up for because I’m super picky when I buy a higher end piece. I take my time and make sure the quality is something I want to invest in and also that its a piece that I can wear for years to come. This is how I look at all my designer purchases because you want to make sure you truly will get your money’s worth. Another thing I always look for is seeing if I can find the look for less and most of the time you will find something that is at a great price point, however with some items its an “you only live once” type of love and in that case I say do it if you can. With the other designer items I’ve purchased I made sure to research the brand and SEVERAL reviews beforehand. My reasoning behind this is because a few years back I made my first big purchase for myself and I did not do enough research of the fit of Jimmy Choo shoes. Now I loveeee my pumps that I got but they are super uncomfortable and I DID find a dupe that is SO much more comfy! So that was a lesson learned in my book. Mainly keep it simple, only buy it if you absolutely are in love with it, do your research (fit,durability,resale,discounts), make sure you are investing for the right reasons (not just because someone else looks good in it – instagram guilty lol!), and most importantly treat yo’ self once in a while – you deserve it!  

Rocking it with my lookalike Givenchy bag 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed a little leather action today and my tips for how I decide when to splurge & save! 

Outfit Details: 

All Saints leather jacket – similar here | Dolce Vita boots | Rebecca Minkoff bag 


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