Happy Friday you guys! I hope all of you had a great week! Today I am talking about the products I use daily for my body. I am BEYOND excited for this post because I’ve been doing a huge clean up of chemicals in the products I use. I wanted to start with body products because what goes on our skin is HUGE because our bodies absorb it right into our bloodstream. With that being said I’ve eliminated most of the products I was using before I became more knowledgable, however I do still use a few that are not 100% clean because I have yet to find a similar product that works the way I want it to for that specific product. I’m all about being as clean as you can get even if that means not every product is natural. As long as the majority of what you put on and in your body is good for you then you’re on the right track!

Before we get into it, one thing I would highly recommend to get a better understanding of chemicals in our products is to do two things. 1. Download the app Think Dirty in the app store. By the way I am in no way affiliated with that company I found it through a magazine and it was what got me to start looking differently at my products. It rates beauty products on a scale of 1-10 (1 being cleanest, 10 being dirtiest) of toxicity, carcinogens and also lists each ingredient in the product and gives you what it does to the body that can be harmful. Its a great tool to have on hand to search or scan barcodes of items to check before you buy. Number 2 is to watch the documentary The Human Experiment (I watched it on Netflix). It was shocking to me, honestly you don’t even think of half of the aspects it brings to the table but its incredibly valuable. 

Both of those can be pretty shocking but remember its a lifestyle and it takes time to learn to clean up our bodies. I wanted to share my first step because it’s something I’m working on each day! 🙂 So let’s jump into it! 

All the goodness! I am in insane love with all of the products! Some new & some old, but I use most of these every single day! 

I’m going to start in the shower because that’s where it all begins 🙂 Now I know I’ve talked about my love of Santo Cabo in other posts and that love is still going strong! I’ve been using TONS of their products since October and honestly you guys nothing holds a candle to their stuff. I’m a product junkie and love to try different brands and BY FAR I’ve never been this impressed with a line in my lifetime thus far. Now I am doing a full post on all of the their products that’s in the works but I’m sharing the body ones now because I have to! 

I used to use a clay soap that I loved a few years ago and then I just ran out so I never repurchased. After that I used a bodywash that I loved but knew it wasn’t great for me after checking it out on Think Dirty. When I found Santo Cabo I grabbed 5 or 6 soaps and tested them out right away. I was in loveeeee! Not only are they 100% natural but they are derived right from local ingredients in Cabo. I talked to one part of the team that owns Santo Cabo and you can tell that they are just as passionate about creating good products that are good for you! They are creamy and lather so well and last pretty good for 2 people using it. Plus the smell is AMAZING! I am obsessed with the Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Lemon Poppy Seed! 

Now this is a relativity new purchase for me but so far I’m impressed. When I went to Niagara Falls last month we stopped into Niagara-On-The-Lake and went downtown there and found this cute apothecary store Maison Apothecare. Can you tell I just want to find these types of stores lol 🙂 I have been needed new shampoo & conditioner for months. I know I needed to find something natural and was having a hard time finding one that would volumize and clarify. I was using Dr. Mercola’s (a great option to look at too!) and I have to say that its an awesome system but I was getting oily faster which is unusal for me. After talking to my hairdresser she said I needed to switch it up. I picked up these babies and right now I think I’ve found my match. These are a green tea & apple cider vinegar system and they smell so clean and my hair looks & feels amazing! They are also 100% natural so I feel good knowing that whats going on my scalp is good for me! I also picked up this hair mask that’s made with Marula oil. I already use marula oil on my face every night and have for a year. I wanted to see if it had as good results on my head as I’ve been really dry lately. I’ve used this mask twice already am seeing a difference! If you’re in the market for new hair care or other products I would check out Maison Apothecare! 

Ok now this is not an every day thing but for me during the winter & spring months I NEED some extra color. I know I don’t look Irish but I am and TRUST me if I didn’t use this weekly – you would know! First things first I know I’ve talked about Frank body scrub in one of my first favorite posts and its still on the top of my list. I think I’ve been using it for 3 years and its an awesome product. Its super affordable for how long it lasts you and it smells divine! If I know I’ll be using the St. Tropez mousse I will use Frank in the shower beforehand to get everything nice and smooth. Now I lalalalove this St. Tropez mousse – yes I know this isn’t the best thing out there but I’ve tried others like Loving Tan and haven’t been as impressed. If you have a good natural mousse tanner PLEASEEE let me know in the comments! For now I’ll keep loving this one 😉 The reason this one is so high up on my list is because it only takes 3 hours to get full color and you can leave it on for as little as 1 hour if you’re in a rush. I used to use their original but this kicked its butt! 

I have an obsession with the scent of vanilla. I love it because to me its a little musky but also fresh – again that’s just my take lol! A couple of years ago my friend Amy turned me onto LaVanila perfume and I haven’t looked back. Honestly this is my go to perfume every day every season. A huge plus for me was when I found out it was all natural as well! LaVanila’s products are seriously amazing – you’ll see another favorite next 🙂 The other scent I wear is a mix of two essential oils and water. I mix orange & vanilla essential oil that I get my health food store with filtered water. I love this for pre & post workouts or just to freshen up during the day. 

Ok deodorant. This one is a BIGGIE because I feel as women we need to be extremely aware of what we use on our underarms. I looked for years and years for good ones and I’ve actually been using LaVanila’s for a couple of years as a daytime deodorant. Its nice because its slightly cooling and smells amazing as well! However during my workouts I could not wear it – let’s just say I couldn’t handle myself lol – so I kept using Secret even though I was cringing every time I went to use it. I found the next two deodorant’s at around the same time. The spray bottle one is from Santo Cabo and its a gift from the gods for real! Its a coconut oil based deo and its amazing literally. There’s just something about it that works for me personally and its a must have! I actually spray that first and then apply Agent Nateur for my workouts. Agent Nateur is a gel roll stick and was the trick to being able to workout with a natural deo. Honestly this one was a process figuring out what my body needed for daily and workout routines – if you watch anything in your routine though I honestly believe it needs to be this. 

We’re getting to the end – but first lippies! This one is pretty self expalanatory – your lips are chapped you need something good, enter the perfect chapsticks ever made IMO 🙂 The first is also from Santo Cabo (can you tell I’m legit obsessed?) and this is BY FAR THE BEST LIP BALM ON THE PLANET. Yes I had to do all caps – I’m serious. I’ve NEVER had a lip balm like this in my lifeeee! It’s so creamy and soft and has kept my insanely dry lips from getting chapped all winter long! I have it in mint and use it soooo many times during the day! The other is from Smith’s Rosebud Salve and this is pure amazingness too. I love this because its kinda like a chapstick meets gloss, so if you’re out this is perfect for those times. 

Lastly, lotions! Ok I KNOW its another Santo Cabo product but for real its another best product I’ve ever used. This is their olive oil moisturizer and its gold. I have the Blood Orange scent which its heavenly! The second is from Maison Apothecare and it technically a hand cream but you could use it all over. It’s in Argon Mint scent and its such a different texture then I’ve used before but I love it! Both of these are all natural which is a huge plus because if you’re like me I lotion up my whole body after shower’s and the skin’s the biggest organ so you want to make sure the lotion or oil you use all over your body is top notch. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that it was helpful! I know it was a lot of info and a lot of text but I love learning about this kind of stuff and love to pass it on. Its definitely a scary world out there as far as chemicals but if you take the time to do the research you’ll learn and get better with each thing you buy! If you have any recommendations please please please share them! I am always looking for new products to try and love to find new brands! All products are linked above or you can check our each one below 🙂 Enjoy! 


*Note – for Santo Cabo products you do have to request the password HERE to their site in order to purchase – items are not linked below, sorry!*

Frank Coffee Scrub | St. Tropez 3 hour Express Mousse | Santo Cabo soap | Santo Cabo Moisturizer | Santo Cabo Deodorant | Santo Cabo Lip Balm | Smith’s Rosebud Salve | Agent Natuer Deodorant | LaVanila Deodorant | LaVanila Perfume | Vanilla Orange Essential Oil | Maison Apothecare Green Tea ShampooMaison Apothecare Green Tea ConditionerMaison Apothecare Marula Gold Hair MaskMaison Apothecare Argan Mint Lotion   



  1. Sarah
    April 3, 2016 / 11:14 pm

    Okay, just ordered pretty much everything! Love the product posts.


    • Keia McLean
      June 14, 2016 / 4:19 pm

      Lol! Love it girl! Let me know how much you love it!!!

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