Hi guys! I am finally back from Arizona! I had such a nice break with my family and J. We hiked all over AZ, relaxed and ate some amazing food 😉 I’ll be posting my travel guide next week once I go through all the photos! But it does feel good to be back! 🙂 

I am so excited to share today’s post with you guys because I know I’ve been talking about Santo Cabo foreverrrr! I honestly feel that they have hands down the best beauty products that I have found. I know I talked about a couple of items in my All About That Body post but I wanted to get specific and talk about the differences I’ve seen in my skin since using them ( and J too! 😉 ) Let me give you a little background on how I found Santo Cabo. In October we were on vacation in Cabo and the restaurant we ate at has the cutest community around it with little shops – Santo Cabo being one of them. I actually had the opportunity to meet one of the owners and you could tell that the husband and wife team are so into creating a line of products that are good for people to be using. They are all natural, raw food grade materials and all sourced locally. This is so important to me after cleaning up my products to know exactly what goes into the ones I am using. 

Before we get into the products, the reason I didn’t want to talk about these products too much was you had to have a password to order. You can now shop all you want using by clicking HERE and  I’m also excited to share a code with you to save 15% on your order with Santo Cabo! At checkout enter the code KMCLEAN15:)  Enjoy!

First let’s talk about body products! I know I talked about a few of these in my other post but they are just that good! 

Now I know I talked about the body lotion last time, but after a week of using my old lotion I remembered just how much I love this stuff! Its an aloe & olive oil mix and the scents are amazing! I have the blood orange but the peppermint is great too. I will say that I did get pretty burned in AZ and this was the only thing to make it bearable and actually helped heal it. The silk body oil is perfect for summer! Its a blend of different oils and is super hydrating. 

This cuticle balm is insane! This past year my cuticles were so bad and everything I was using was just not helping so I decided to just give this a try. It helped my hands so much as well as nixes any dry skin in an instant!

This mineral deodorant one of my favorite finds from Santo Cabo. I know I also talked about this and the next product before but if you change one thing in your whole routine I would pick this. Deodorant is a tricky product because most are all made with aluminum and if they aren’t in my experience they do not work as well. Enter this version. There are only 3 ingredients in it – one being water! Theres no weird natural smell and it actually keeps you from sweating. Try this one I promise its worth it 🙂 

Now this is my absoulte favorite product! Their soap is on another level! The carbon soap is by far the best face product I have tried in my life. Its made with activated charcoal, coconut oil and essential oils. I have to say this has changed my skin completely and it feels so good to know that its good for my skin! I went from using two different cleansers both with tons of ingredients to a bar of soap that is mainly essential oils and I know I’ll stay with this choice 🙂 Their body soaps are also incredible. Now soap is soap but I have to say that I just love their scents and the bars last so long! Try the lemon poppyseed, peppermint & eucalyptus

Now let’s talk face! I always wash my face with the carbon soap and then apply the following products. 

After I wash at night – maybe 2 nights a week I exfoliate with this refine powder. Its a mixture of baking soda – which is INCREDIBLE for skin! – and other natural powders. On an abrasive scale I would give this a 4 or 5 as for me its pretty sensitive. My skin feels so soft after using it and you only need the smallest amount so it lasts a long time! 

This is a another top pick for me! This is the anti-aging face serum and its incredible! Now I know I’m only in my 20’s but I still want to get ahead of the game by taking great care of my skin now. I didn’t think I needed this product but after hearing that it is also an “eye cream” and trying it I was hooked. Now I am a serum girl and love trying out tons of them but this one is very different than any I’ve tried so far. Its also a mix of oils and features Frankincense which is one of the most incredible EO out there! It also has CoQ10 in it which is similar to a vitamin. Its made within our bodies already and helps maintain and protect our cells. Its smoothing and hydrating and has a cool orange tint – say hello to instant tan lol! The reason I said eye cream above it because I used to use a pretty heavy one from Kiehls and I still love that one but I haven’t touched it since switching to this one and my skin is very rarely if ever dry now! 

This is one of J’s favorite products and to be honest he uses it more than I do. Now I know to a lot of guys skincare is not all that important, but it really should be! I can tell you that the change hasn’t only been in my skin but also J’s too. Its also ESPECIALLY important for men to make sure their products are more essential oil based as most of the chemicals in most of the products made specifically to them contribute to hormonal feminization in men. Do some research on that guys its pretty scary to see that your everyday products hurt your health 100%. With all of that said this is the coconut oil – and yes you can just buy coconut oil at the health food store (only unrefined cold-pressed though!)  but what I love about this one is instead of grabbing a glob its already in a serum consistency. This is a great product for anyone that had breakouts or looking for extra hydration! 

Now this next one is probably my least used product but its still great! I am still phasing out of using my night moisturizer and into using this one. This lotion is called Face Gold and is more of a balm consistency then silky. I’m so used to a silky consistency that I think thats why I’m having a hard time switching. Its also made like their other products with EO’s, oils, and also tallow. Tallow is from cows and is basically healthy fat for your skin that allows vitamins that do not come from plants into your skin. Santo Cabo’s tallow comes from local free roaming cows just so you know 🙂 

This is my last product for you and another one of my faves that I use all day every day ;P This is by far the best lip balm I have every tried! I have so many and carry at least 2 at all times lol! I wanted to make sure that the lip balm I was using was good for me because you can ingest it by licking your lips and thats exactly what you’re getting with this one! Its incredibly hydrating to that point where I haven’t had dry lips once this whole winter! The mint is out of this world – don’t even bother with the others! 

Well I hope you enjoyed this post as I have been wanted to get it on here for SO LONG! I want to do a whole post on my skincare routine as a whole so that may be coming soon! But for now do some research and check out Santo Cabo. It does take a bit of time to get the product because it is shipped from Cabo but if you’re up for investing in your skin and yourself I would check it out! After all we only have one body so we better take care of it! 


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