Happy Monday guys! I hope all of you had a nice celebration with your moms or someone important to you yesterday! We took my mom out to brunch and then spent some time with JB’s mom and family at his parents house. It was such a relaxing beautiful day! 🙂 

Today’s post is super exciting for me to share because its another product that I use day in and day out. Let me start out by saying that between both blogging and my job, I am staring at screens ALL DAY LONG. In the back of my mind I had been wondering if its having any effect on my eyes especially since I had lasik a few years back. I’ve always been very good about protecting my eyes and had realized my eyes were getting ridiculously tired, especially at night, if I was working on my computer. I was also starting to get headaches anytime I was on my laptop for a long period of time. A few months back during all of this, I stumbled across the company Eye Buy Direct and was immediately intrigued because of one product in particular – the digital protection lens. Now you can order regular glasses & sunglasses through their site and also match them to a prescription if needed. But let’s get into the EBD Blue lens technology because its amazing! 

Eye Buy Direct’s EBD Blue lenses that you can add to any frame allow you to be on electronic devices and even watch tv without having the harmful effects of blue light on your eyes. Blue light, especially high exposure, (and let’s be honest we all have moments where we stare at our screens a little too long lol!) can cause effects like headaches or loss of the ability to focus. 

When I found all that out I knew I had to at least give them a try! Since I received my glasses I’ve been OBSESSED! I even got JB to try a pair and we both loved them so much we each bought another pair for work. My headaches while being on my laptop have completely gone away and I can work for longer periods of time without feeling the effects that I did before. They are even so helpful when watching tv at night! So all in all, I was hooked and wanted to share that with you guys!

Now let’s get on to the fun part of this post! I reached out to Eye Buy Direct and they sent me THIS pair of glasses with the EBD Blue lens protection to do a giveaway with! They are the ones photographed above and they are the SHADE frame in black granite. I am going to be hosting this giveaway tomorrow Tuesday May 10th on Instagram. You will have from 8am EST May 10 until 12pm EST May 12 to enter through the post on my Instagram (keiamclean). Once closed the winner will be announced both here and on my insta on Friday May 13th! The contest rules will be in the post so be sure to check it out and enter! I’m beyond excited for one of you to win these glasses because I know you will love them! 


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