Happy Wednesday you guys! I am beyond excited to talk today’s post with you! A couple of months ago I started really looking into my food because I wanted to add more superfoods and also clean it up even more. I had been feeling a little over processed if that makes sense. It was as even though I felt good I didn’t and I knew I just needed a change! Before I went to Arizona last month one of the fitness girls I follow did a week of clean eating with the food subscription site Sakara. I had already followed Sakara on insta because one of my girls tried out a few of their items at a convention and I was intrigued! I wanted to try it but never really made the effort but it was always in the back of my mind. Now let me break down why I didn’t want to try it lol! Sakara is a plant based organic food delivery service that sends 3 days of meals to your house all ready to grab and eat! I was a bit skeptical because I didn’t think I would like being off animal protein especially fish 🙂 What I quickly found was I felt even better than I thought I would and this propelled me extending my subscription for 2 more weeks ;P

And if you want to try it after reading this post you can click HERE or use the code “SHARETHEGLOW2016” for $50 off your first week! 

Honestly I have to say I was going into this with an open mind because I am not a huge fan of change when it comes to my food. I can sit confidently and say that I will be 80% plant based now because I feel absolutely amazing! At first I was like this is so not enough food for me for a whole day… but it is. Its so nutrient dense that you are full and running on great energy all day! Now I had extras that I had purchased as well and I did move meal around which I’ll explain below but all in all I am so beyond happy I tried Sakara! I love that their moto is that food should make you feel sexy! That is such a true statement but let’s be real I’m still going to eat ice cream which doesn’t really make me feel sexy but it sure does taste good lol! But all in all eating predominately plant based makes me feel sexy, strong and healthy! 

For me going mostly plant based was something I never thought I would do. In the two weeks (I’m getting my third week delivered today!) the only items I have eaten that are not plant based are a couple eggs, a lamb burger, and one piece of fish. What I can tell you is my body didn’t miss it at all – well maybe the eggs but that just because of avocado toast 😉 but other than that I actually felt kinda nasty afterward. In fact when JB and I went on our date night last week I had a plant based dinner that was amazingggg! I think my brain and body needed a break and Sakara was that step in the right direction! I wanted to do a second week just to see if I really did feel good on it – plus the menu looked amazing lol! And now I’m doing next week because a girlfriend of mine is trying it out too! 

I’m breaking down what I loved, liked and didn’t like about the whole program for you because its an investment both in it and with yourself. Please know that this was 100% on me that I wanted to try this and Sakara did not reach out to me. I knew that it kept coming up for me for a reason so I tried it and I want to share with you guys in case you want to try it too! Now let’s get into the good stuff – the food! 

Here’s what you get: 

Tuesday Dinner | Wednesday breakfast, lunch & dinner | Thursday breakfast, lunch & dinner | Friday breakfast & lunch | 3 pack of Detox Tea | 3 Beauty Waters & 3 Night Waters 

The first thing I want to talk about is the waters! I have to say hands down these are my two favorite products from Sakara. The reason I have so much love for these is because I feel a difinitive difference when I have them. Now I usually start my day off with warm water and lemon and while on Sakara I was still doing that. I was drinking my morning water after my workout and before my breakfast. It is a bit floral tasting but once you try it you get used to it. The reason I love it for after workouts is it helps replenish electrolytes naturally. At night comes the night water lol – now this is the product I am in LALALOVE with! In fact I purchased some Chlorophyll in liquid form and make my own night water. I have never in my life slept better then when drinking this before bed. I’ve even got JB hooked on it and I’m not kidding we are passing out and sleeping through the night. If you are a person that has trouble sleeping I would pick some up ASAP and try it. A great thing about Sakara too is you don’t have to be part of the subscription service to try these out. You can purchase each separately – morning water HERE, night water HERE 🙂 

Day One: The first day I have to say took some getting used to. I wasn’t used to having two salads a day but at the end of the week I loved it. Now I did move the dinner they sent me for Tuesday to Wednesday and pushed each dinner so I could have a full 3 days worth of meals. This breakfast was different than anything I’ve had but it ended up being very good! Lunch was a different story I wasn’t a huge fan of the kelp noodles because they reminded me of spring rolls, which I’m not too crazy about lol. The burrito bowl was DELICIOUS! It has been one of the best ones I’ve had in my 2 weeks so far! They also give you two Detox tea bags for each day and I was having one after a few hours after breakfast and a few hours after dinner. That’s usually when I have my tea anyway so I just switched it out for the Detox ones. I have to say this was another item I loved. I felt so good and had tons of energy! 

Day Two: Again I started with my beauty water 🙂 Breakfast was pretty good this morning – it was floral tasting but I added some almond butter and berries to it to make it a tad more substantial because I had a hard workout that day. I will say that the breakfasts don’t seem like they are going to be enough (I like a big breakfast!) but they filled me up for a long time! Lunch was really goo too! This dinner was one of my faves again! Super filling and tasty!

Day Three: I WISH THEY SOLD THIS GRANOLA BY ITSELF. ITS THAT GOOD! Yes all that needed to be in caps because this was my FAVORITEEEE meal from Sakara hands down!!!! The almond butter mylk (!!!!) was insane! I went inside later that day and made my own because I was obsessed lol! And you know me anything this almond buttah is at the top of my list! But this granola was like eating cinnamon toast crunch and I loved every minute of it! I HOPE they put it in an upcoming week soon ;P This lunch was good but not great – again the noodles we’re not my fave but I still felt good after! 

Now these items did not come with my subscription but as an athlete I knew I wanted some extra calories so I ordered The Empower Bar collection, watermelon jerky, and the probiotic chocolates. The Detox bars are INCREDIBLE! I love that they have activated charcoal in them and they are so dense that they fill you up fast! The Beauty bars are taste like you’re at a beach – literally! They are very refreshing and they also have MSM which is sooooo good for you! The Clarity bars were also delish and my second fave! They came in a box of 6 with 2 of each flavor which was perfect for testing! The watermelon jerky is also very good – a little different at first but I ended up loving it! If you like watermelon this is something you should try 🙂 And I’m saving another favorite for last! The probiotic chocolates are amazingggg! I have felt so good on them as well! I’ve been taking them every night before I go to bed and before I have my night water. Its a little kick of sweet right when I’m wanting to snack so its perfect! 

All in all I have to say that I have enjoyed my meals so much you guys! I feel so good and because I feel good I am SO HAPPY! I know that may sound cheesy but Sakara has helped me understand my body a little bit more and by pushing me out of a comfort zone its made me feel so healthy<3

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember I have $50 off your first week with Sakara by clicking HERE 🙂 


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