I’m back guys! It feels like forever since I’ve had a minute to sit down and get a post done! JB and I just got back from a camping trip (my first one & it was SO much fun!) so I’ve been getting back into the swing of things since yesterday 🙂 We went up to Pictured Rocks for his birthday and enjoyed some time together backpacking and exploring! We even had the beach all to ourselves one day which was so nice! The best part of the whole trip was no cell service! It felt so incredibly nice to disconnect from my phone and connect with JB, myself and nature <3 We are already ready to plan another camping trip! 

Today’s post has been way too long in the making! I know I teased FOREVER ago on Snap that I would be going my fave pieces to workout in – and its finally here! Honestly I did a shoot and was super unhappy with the quality of the pictures (I’m still getting used to my new camera) and finally got the time to reshoot everything right before we left. I am so behind on postings and still have my other two AZ guides coming shortly along with a very exciting collab! So with all that said lets jump into todays post! 

I am sharing only my absoulte favorite pieces that have really made training comfortable and effective. In the last few months I’ve found some pieces that I really wanted to talk about because I have been LIVING in them! And I mean seriously been living in – I have one top that I’ve worn to yoga for that last month almost every time because its perfection! Here are my pieces that will have you looking good, feeling good & KILLING your workout! AND some really great news is all the pieces are available & I’ve linked them all down below for you! 🙂 Enjoy! 

– BOTTOMS –   

I wanted to share pieces that almost everyone has in their closet and because everyone needs a good black workout pant, I’m sharing my favorite 4 that are on constant rotation for me as of lately 🙂 

This is the first piece that I HAVE to talk about! These Lululemon crops are THE BEST IVE EVER OWNED! Honestly I bought them in Arizona and purchased two more pairs (yes, insane) because I’ve been wearing them almost every day. I feel like I have no pants on – which is amazing in hot yoga! For lifting they are perfection because I get squat, lunge, jump with so much ability to move. Besides that naked feeling they have a high waist which I love because I can train in just a sports bra if I get too warm too. If you need a pair of black crops or like anything from this post  this is the item I would look at! 

Another purchase while out of town in Vegas, I found these babies at Nike. They are also high waisted but made from a material that legitimately SUCKS you in! I love these for leg days because of the compression. They are also super breathable and have the coolest texture. I’ve been such a fan of high waisted bottoms because you don’t fuss with them while wearing. They stay in place and you can focus on the workout. 

This pair is also from Lulu and they are another great option for hot workouts. These are another pair I am constanty rocking in yoga because of the breathabilty – do you see a theme here 😉 The cutouts really do offer a cooling effect and the material is unlike any I’ve seen on a workout bottom. Its tight and stretchy but seamless against the skin! 

These crops are very similar to the ones right above but they are a different matieral and a bit longer length. They also have the cutouts for breathability but because of the material I don’t care for them for warm workouts. These are great for easy stretching, upper body, or even running. 

– TOPS – 

You know that top I mentioned above that I’ve been living in – this is that one! I cannot get enough of this top that I find I want to wear it everyday. Its perfect for every workout and I love that you can showcase a bra through it – take a look below of how the back shows off cool bra straps!. You could even wear this out casually and it would look great! Again I’m talking breathability with this Lorna Jane tank. Obviously it breaths well because its mesh but its a great cut as well. The BEST part is its on sale right now for $25!!! So go buy one or two 😉  I’ve linked it below for you! 

I have been also wearing LS tops like crazy! I love throwing them on before a class or a workout because I’m usually always cold lol! All three I’m sharing are great because they are so light but also offer great style! Lulu’s swiftys in all the versions – long & short sleeve , and tank top – have been go to pieces for me for years. They are the perfect layer under or over. My fave thing about about the ls version is the thumbholes. They are a perfect layer for spring! 

These two long sleeves are both from Lorna Jane and both have mesh details! I have been obsessing over mesh lately and both of these tops have been filling that love 🙂 The grey one is a bit warmer and has been my grab and go when I’m running out of my house as of lately. Its the perfect layer and PERFECT color! The blue one is great for a warmup layer because they sleeves allow you to stay cool but build up heat before getting into the workout. 

– BRAS – 

This bra may just be my favorite of all time – which is saying something and I’ll tell you why in a minute. I have a love/hate relationship with sports bras and the only ones I’ve ever liked have been Lulu. I just happened to try this one out while at Lorna Jane in AZ and FELL IN LOVE. My only hang up is I WISH it came in other colors because they would already be in my drawer. This bra has the best functionality I’ve ever had in a sports bra! It has awesome padding that keeps me supported and gives a little lift 😉 but its also high enough that I never have to pull it up or adjust it. The back is super breathable (again with that trend lol!) and also has great straps that don’t pull at my shoulders. Thats super important to me because I have bad shoulders that get super irritated from other bras and this is the only one that I am comfortable in all day long. 

These next two bras are also another love of mine. If your an A-C cup and looking for a great bra for all exercises this is the one for you! This is from Lulu and it was a version of an older bra they had but with a different back strap. Now I was a fan of the Free to Be version but I was always pulling the front up as it almost always fell down on me. With the Free to Be Wild version I’ve never had that problem! Plus the backs are GORGEOUS! I love when the straps peek out from a tank – especially when you have a color like the pink above! I would say this is a low to medium impact bra but you could get away with high impact too as long as you watch it. The Lorna Jane bra above is defiantly good across the board. 

Thats it you guys! I hope you loved learning about my fitness faves! Honestly I am all about functionality when it comes to working out and my gear and I do invest in gear that lasts because of how often I workout. Plus getting pieces that you feel great in also help you push that little bit harder 😉

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend! 

Shop my favorites pieces: 

– BRAS – 

Lululemon free to be wild bra  | Lorna Jane mesh bra


Lululemon enlightment crop | Lululemon light speed crop | Lululemon align crop | Nike zoned crop

– TOPS –

 Lorna Jane dynamo ls top | Lorna Jane carter ls top Lorna Jane island hopping tank | Lululemon ls swiftly top 


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