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Happy Friday guys! I hope all of you had a great shorter week! Hoenstly you guys I’m so far behind on posts! I still need to get my AZ guides done but just haven’t had the time to get evertything edited and written!  Like the photos for this post have been sitting in a folder for a good month lol – but this weekend is going to give me some time to finally sit down and bust out some content!

So with that said today I am sharing a post that I’ve wanted to do since last summer but my routine was constantly changing and I wanted to make sure I saw a difference in the products I was using before passing them on to you guys. I really will only talk about the products that I love and swear by because I think you all deserve my honesty in that regard 🙂 So today we are talking supps! 

Now over the last few years I’ve been rotating supplements or trying new ones constantly. I’ve found some that work and some that don’t and also realized during this process that I don’t care to be on any that are not essential because I want to make sure my body doesn’t have to work harder to digest and process. These are my everyday staples and I’m so excited to share with you!  

Rootz Nutrition superfood pre-workout | Vital Stem | Vitamin D-3 | Get Burning metobolic tea | CLA | Honey Stinger gel & wafer

I start every morning with hot lemon water to start stimulating my digestive track as well as hydrate my cells before I have anything else. After I’ve had my lemon water and before I workout, I’ll have a Honey Stinger gel or wafer. This is something JB told me to do because he recently read an article about women burning more fat during workouts when they had a carb and their pre-workout. I’ve been doing this for about a month and half and really do see results. The best part it before I used to get a little sick during my workouts because I was so hungry. Now I have something to burn while I workout and these Honey Stingers are perrrrfect for that boost without feeling heavy like a piece of toast would do for me. These are typically used as race food for when you need a boost of energy so you can use it for that too! 

Now this next item is the one I am MOST excited to share! For the last 5 years I’ve been all over the board with my pre-workout. I’ve tried SO MANY and some were completely unhealthy. With that said I used to take NO extreme from GNC and there’s nothing wrong with it – I loved it for a long time – but my skin didn’t like it and thats what I was using when I was getting sick during workouts. I also wasn’t comfortable with the bright blue color because of the dyes. When I talked to my doctor, who is more of a natural path, she recommended Rootz and I went home and immediately ordered some. Guys, honestly this is the best pre-workout that I’ve ever tried. It has a great flavor that isn’t too strong, gives me a great energy boost during my workouts and its a CLEAN supplement! Its great because it has several different blends like metobolism stimulating, anti inflammatory, and superfood blend. You really do get a bang for your buck! 

Vital Stem is another mix like a pre-workout but just a little different. I add one scoop of this into my pre-workout every day. Now there’s a bit of controversy around Vital Stem and whether is does actually work or not. Let me first tell you about it – it aids in repair to muscles, skin & organs and essentially helps with also repairing the cells of the body. I have to say that only from my experiance with the using it I HAVE noticed a difference. It really helps me focus during my workout and it definilty gives me energy. This is one you would have to try for yourself but I can say that I love it! 

After my workouts I have another water drink that I’ll be sharing soon 🙂 But I also take these two supplements – Vitamin D3 & CLA. I’ve been taking CLA for about 3 years and its to help with heart health as well as cut fat. Vitamin D3 is a new one to me that my doctor also reccomended and I can say that I noticed decreased belly bloat from taking this plus it makes you happy 🙂 

Lastly, comes this game changer! I have never been a fan of tea until the last 5 or 6 months. I know drink at least 2 cups a day! During the day if I am lacking energy I’ll have either a detox tea or cinnamon. At night though I ALWAYS have this burning tea. I love these active teas from The Republic of Tea – I tried a few but this one is still my favorite. I love drinking this before bed because it makes me feel good in the morning and also stops me from snacking late at night. It also gets just a bit more water in my body so I’m not getting dehydrated when I sleep!

Well guys I hope you enjoyed this post! Please remember these are just what work for me! I hope that maybe you’ll try a product or two because they really are great! Have a great weekend! <3


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