Happy Monday you guys! This past week was crayzay at work and it was safe to say that I was literally exhausted all weekend long! So JB and I kept it pretty chill and went out to our fave local place with my parents and then spent Saturday lounging with a marathon of Peaky Blinders – seriously SOOOOO good! 

Besides that I spent all day yesterday getting posts organized and editing for what felt like forever lol! So with that said here is one I worked on 😉 I’m sharing a little date night style with you today! 

A few weeks ago JB and I went down to Ann Arbor which is a favorite of ours all year long but especially in spring & summer! We love going to a brewery and then grabbing dinner outside – have I mentioned how nice it is to SIT OUTSIDE again lol!?! With that said it does get a bit chilly at night some nights so when I put this together I was so excited to bust out this super lightweight moto jacket that I got last year! I love the color and its seriously the perfect weight for a chilly summer night. 

Like I’ve said before you know I’m a basics girl and when we go out during the week the last thing I want to think about after work is getting ready lol! I’m usually pretty hangry at this point and am ready to run out the door and get some food! I threw on these cropped jeans which you will be seeing time and time again as they are my FAVEEEE piece of denim I own! These AG (surprise surprise!) are hands down the best pair I own (even though I’m sure I’ve said that before about another pair lol!). There’s just enough distressing and I am obsessed with the cropped length especially when I pair them with heels. Like I said you will be seeing more of these in an another post! PLUS they are currently on SALE for under $60! 

I’m also pretty sure you guys know I love simple tanks. This one that I got from Nordstrom last year is one I grab when I’m in a rush because I know, no matter what I always feel good in it! I kept it super simple with a small tech clutch and my bar necklace – just the basics 😉 

These babies may just take the cake for my new favorite wedges! I just purchased them from Evereve in Ann Arbor last month and have already been wearing them nonstop! They are Dolce Vita and sooooooo comfortable. I love that its a nude grey color because they go with pretty much everything I match my other pair to. But girls if you’re in the need of some new wedges for summer I’d def check these ones out because they are on SALE as well! As always they are linked below for you 🙂 

Hope you all had a great weekend! I have another collab post coming this week so be on the look out for that 😉 Thank you for reading <3 

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