Happy Friday guys! This week went by so fast for me – which I am not complaining but I don’t feel like I got a ton done for some reason lol! It was one of those kind of weeks 😛 Anyway I have a pretty low-key weekend planned of possibly going golfing and staying in and making dinner with JB while obviously binge watching OITNB! And since I am talking about shows do yourself a favor and RUN to see Finding Dory (even though its a movie instead of a show!)! It is sooooo good and a total hit of nostalgia of my childhood – guys its been 13 years since Finding Nemo came out, HOW IS THAT?! But seriously its so cute and with everything that’s going on in the world, its a nice reminder that things can be simple and good things DO happen! <3

Alright now onto today’s post!  A little quick one for you today featuring some of my fave neutral pieces for summer – hence the name summer neutrals lol! 

You girls know me with my top, jean & heel combo – Its such an easy look to throw together especially with nude shades! 

 I love the bit of boho look with the polished heel! 

I am such a fan of Free People during the spring and summer! They just rock out pieces during this season that I cannot get enough of! Every time spring rolls around I hounding their website for really different pieces 🙂 This top I believe I got last year but I found a super similar one (that I may even love more!) also from FP that I linked below for you girls! 

I’ve been busting out my charm Alex + Ani bracelets instead lately thanks to my friend C, because every time I see her she is rocking hers! I love that you can pick bracelets that really mean something to you! These are several years old but I’ve linked some new additions that I want to add below! ALSO – girls I know in my first Tobi post, I talked about my new found love for Lancome’s juicy shakers! I am still in love but wanted to share my combo that I have been wearing all the time! My absolute faveeeee lipstick ever is Anna by Nars and I put that as my base and layer with the juicy shaker for a little shine while still letting Anna shine through! That has been my combo for my lips for probably the last few months – both are linked below as well 🙂 

These heels are the perfect tan heel! I cannot get enough of them! I got them last year through Lulu’s – can I just say that if you are looking for cute shoes that are great quality and price points – check them out! There is always something! These are not available anymore but I did find a similar one! 

Have a great weekend you guys! Weekly workouts will be up this weekend as well! Thank you for all the awesome feedback last week – as always you can comment or email me with any questions!

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