Can you believe I still haven’t shared with you some Arizona posts! I know I know I’m super far behind but the good news is that my latptop has been working pretty decently for the last two weeks & to be totally honest I am putting off having to get a new one as long as I can. So with that being said you will for sure be seeing some AZ looks over the next weeks and I am FINALLY getting all of my Scottsdale photos and recommendations together so that will be here next week I PROMISE 🙂 

Let’s get into todays look! First off I have to tell a little story about this night that we went out. It was our first night in Scottsdale and I booked us reservations at this restaurant that last year the concierge at our hotel assured me I would not like. I just had a feeling about this place and low and behold it was one of the best meals I’ve EVER had! Honestly I was a little peeved that he would not recommend because it was amazing! I’ll share it with you next week! 🙂 This little place was right across the street and to say I was in love with decor was an understatement! 

Our first night was surprising a little chilly and this was the perfect combo for that! 

Remember how I told you from time to time JB will pick a little something out for me 🙂 well this is one of those tops he grabbed for me a while back. I love this blouse with skirts, jeans but my fave is with high waisted shorts! Like the last time I went to Cabo I did my best and I only brought these heels! You guys know I have a profound love of these wedges because they go with e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g! 😉 Don’t worry I’ve linked the new version below for you girls!  

This blouse is so cute with the little tie detail and somewhat bell sleeves but what I love the most is the color! I’ve been throwing so much more red into my wardrobe and I love it! 

Enter heart eye emoji here because that’s how I feel about these shorts! I feel like every spring right before the beginning of summer Bebe releases some KILLER items! This was one of them that I just had to try. They fit perfectly and are so cute with the pattern. 

I don’t think I mentioned this piece of jewelry yet but its so incredibly special to me. While we were in Page on our way back to Scottsdale we stopped at the Grand Canyon and there were some local vendors that had a few booths out. I looked around a little and my dad pointed this cuff out to me and I tried it on and loved it! I love the little mountain on it (its upside down to you guys lol). But I left it there and kept looking, a little bit later my dad pulled it out and gave it to me. Its so special because anything from him or my mom always is but even more special because the last piece of jewelry he gave to me was on our first trip to Cabo. I had found a ring and I’ve worn it every day since that day. I love that he knows me well enough to know that I love being able to take a fun part of the trip back with me in this way <3 Thanks Dad! 

How cute is this decor!?!

Outfit Details: 


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