FINALLY ITS HERE! I have been meaning to sit down and get this guide out for months! I don’t know why it took so long but I sat my butt down over the weekend and got this done! I know some of you have been asking for it so here is my guide for Scottsdale! 

You know that I lalalalove Arizona. It holds a very special part of my heart and this last trip I got to explore so much more! I know I want to go back for sure but I’ve got my eyes set on a new destination 🙂 Last year when we went we were in Scottsdale for the whole trip with a day trip out to Sedona. As much fun as Scottsdale is I love being in Sedona the most! I do have to say Scottsdale is one of the CLEANEST places I’ve ever been and I look forward to unwinding there whenever I go! The food is amazingly delicious, the views are so cool, but the best part is the fitness! SOOOOO many people are in shape and I love seeing that! Its really a place where you get your butt up and move! So let me break down what we do and where we go when we are there!

 By the time we got here this time we were ready for some relaxation after about 4 days of non-stop activities – I think JB and I got a taste for fast past vacations during Vegas/Zion and love having a mixture of downtime and adventuring! We stayed at the Westin Keirland Villas and its so nice there! There pool is so relaxing but it gets HOT! The only thing I’m not a huge fan of there is the gym – its just not my taste but its a nice one. We end up going over to the Lifetime a bit down the road and working out there for the week. Its an AMAZING gym with literally everything and I love seeing the people working out there! 

Like I said we relaxed by the pool for the most part but JB and I did get out hiking to Echo Canyon! After Bear Mountain in Sedona we wanted to do another summit so we chose this! There are tons of hiking trails in Scottsdale but this is a hike and a workout! We woke up super early because it gets packed fast! This is a trail a lot of locals use as their morning workout before heading in to work. It was so awesome to see people running this – which I have no idea how they did because you’re climbing over huge rocks lol! It was exhausting walking it that I cannot even imagine what running would be like! The view looks over the city and its so pretty! I’d bring a little snack and enjoy that at the top 🙂 

The food scene is unreal! For breakfast & lunch I have two places that I would hit up! I was making avo toast the whole trip at our hotel so I didn’t venture out a lot. The one place you have to go if you’re into smoothies & juices is Kaleidoscope Juice! There are several locations and they have an awesome menu! I love their green juices, their immortal machine smoothie & acai berry bowls! Plus the selection of breads, muffins & cookies is amazing! Its all gluten free and made with healthy ingredients – so its a must when were there! 

The other place I would hit up is Virtu Honest Craft. Really cute little place that has delciousssss breakfast/brunch! After we hiked Echo Canyon we headed over to this little place and got the tatiest brunch drinks & meal! I got the veggie hash with eggs and OMG was it sooooo good! 

My faveeeee place for dinner this time was Cafe Monarch! I have to say this may have been one of the best meals I’ve ever had. The ambiance of the restaurant was perfection and food was incredible! If you want to go there I highly recommend making reservations with a little note to be outside because while the inside is so cute the outside is magical! Get the Monarch drink too – one of the BEST gin drinks! 

Another favorite of mine is The Mission. Its an old church turned restaurant and its ALWAYS packed! This is another I would recommend a reservation for! Its Mexican/Southwestern fair and the guacamole is my favorite in the whole world – & JB’s moms 😉 – but seriously SOOOOO good! I could eat whole one myself and be totally content lol! The whole menu is great! But go for the guac & the spicy caesar salad! Because its so dark in there none of my photos came out – but look up the guac on Insta! 

A great casual dinner place is True Food. I love that all the food is so fresh and its made to be good for you too! Its right in the heart of the shopping center there and its so nice to walk around before or after dinner 🙂 For drinks get a margarita or a juice (they have such delicious juices!). We got the roasted veggies & avocado dip for appetizers – I’m salivating as I type this thinking about those lol! I’ve also heard they have amazing pizza! 

The House Brasserie is one of my favorites for a good date night! Delish food and a great patio! The drinks are sooooo good and we had the shaved artichoke on brushetta – OMG! Desert was incredible here! It was a goat cheesecake and I wish I was eating it right now lol! 

Another new one for us this time was Flourish and another home run! The food was incredible and the restaurant is up on a hill so the view is also incredible! Do yourself a favor the drinks and dessert are the star of the show here! Order whatever the specialty cocktail of the night is and get the olive oil cake for dessert – it was the BEST dessert I’ve had there and in a longggg time overall! I’m so bummed but none of my food photos turned out this night either 🙁

Lastly we always end our last night at Elements at the Sanctuary Hotel – which may be one of the most gorgeous hotels I’ve seen! It also has a great view overlooking on top of hill and if you’re early enough you can catch the sunset! The drinks are again fabulous but the food is insanely good and the waiter’s know what they are talking about! I’m a little bummed I didn’t get to enjoy this night 100% which you’ll hear about in another post – its hilarious I promise! But if you do get the chance go and spend some time here 🙂 Get a drink on the patio before dinner and then just relax and take in the view! 

Scottsdale is definitely one of my favorite places and Arizona is a gorgeous state! If you do go be sure to let me know if there’s anywhere else you would recommend! Hope you enjoyed this little round up of my fave places! Until next time 🙂 


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