Happy Wednesday guys! I am currently getting ready to go down to Virginia for a few days to celebrate our friends getting married! I am beyond excited to see them and others and looking forward to a few days of relaxing and hanging out! I’ll have my weekly workouts up for you this week but as far as more posts I’m going to take a little break and hang out with my loved ones 🙂 So I’ll most likely be back later on next week! Today’s post is one of my favorite outfits ever and has the most hilarious story to go with it – so keep reading, like I said in my Scottsdale guide – its a good one lol! 

I have figured out that I cannot get enough of lace in the summer time! I am always grabbing for the lacy pieces in my closet. Another thing that I cannot get enough of latley is this firey orange-red color! I’ve been sucked in recently as evidence by here & here! It just has me feeling some kind of way! 

I loved pairing these two pieces together because even though they are both lace they are different but compliment each other. Plus they are perfect for repurposing throughout the year! This crop top I love mixing with maxi’s and this skirt is going to look killer with some black nude lace heels, white tank & my new killer moto jacket from the #NSALE 😉 

I snatched this skirt up from Bebe right before we left and was obsessed as soon as I saw it! I’ve been really digging pencil skirts for the length and the fit. Its so flattering and sophisticated! Now here’s the lovely story behind this skirt – we had just got to the restaurant and were walking in when I dropped my clutch and bended to grab it…. and that little slit thats in the back of the skirt split all the way up! It was like out a movie and just my luck there were the valet guys standing RIGHT behind me.. so that was fun lol! Good news I didn’t freak out but luckily the restaurant coat check had some thread that matched and a needle and my mom and I got to work in the bathroom.. it look at least 25 minutes because the damn thread wouldn’t go through the needle and we did a botch job but got it done lol! So yes in this picture you are seeing a skirt held together by 2 safety pins and the thinest thread I’ve EVER seen and yes it fell apart during dinner but I had my trusty jean jacket to tie around my waist – so cute right?! Hope that gave you a good laugh! ;P

This crop top is still one of my all time favorite purchases! I’ve linked a few great options below at AMAZING price points! Check them out! 

As always I kept my jewelry simple with my go-to hoop earrings and my new cuff that my dad grabbed for me at the Grand Canyon 🙂

Girls I cannot rave about these heels enough! They have gone everywhere with me and go with everything! I’ve linked the new version below which is on sale right now too! Such a great neutral and the best shoe to throw in your weekender or suitcase for a trip! 

Outfit Details: 


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