Hey guys! Last week was a little crazy with work & getting ready to head up north for JB & I’s little fall getaway we do every year. We actually left a day earlier than we planned but it was so much fun and I took the weekend to just enjoy time with him 🙂 We stayed in Traverse City and hiked our fave trail & some new ones, wine tasted, ate at some awesome farm to table restaurants & cozied up at our favorite bar for a nightcap. It was perfection and I’m already missing it! 

Another thing I’m missing.. Cabo! I am honestly still missing our resort like crazy – you may be able to tell on Insta as I’m STILL only posting Cabo photos ;P I wanted to share a little travel diary with you about our stay. This time it was very different because we only left the resort if we had dinner plans. We just wanted to be there the whole time because it is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been <3

We stayed at The Resort at Pedregal which is in the mountainside of the Pacific side and guys its incredible. I love the Pacific side because the roar of the ocean is amazing and so relaxing. At Pedregal you can literally hear the ocean 24/7. I hit a new form of relaxation I’ve never had before because of being around the vibe of the ocean all day long. Its a gorgeous resort and I could tell you that a million times (I think I already have lol!) and every morning the views of the sunrise were breathtaking as well as the sunsets at night. The waves crashing all around and even into the pool on occasion were awesome! The resort itself is so clean & I’m a HUGE stickler for a clean place. The rooms are fantastic and each one has its own plunge pool – we took advantage of this and everyday you get fresh guacamole, pico & chips delivered to the room – so delicious!  

The real reason why this trip was amazing along with everything I said above – even though I loved all of that as well! This trip was super special because we were celebrating my parents 40th anniversary! We had a trip to Cabo planned but my dad and I surprised my mom & JB with where we were staying. For me, surprising my mom was what mattered the most because I knew how much it was going to mean to her – I have tears in my eyes as I type that, I’m a sap I know lol – but it was really what made this whole trip so amazing. My family is so important to me and being able to share such a special place with them and see my parents relax was the best part! The other part that absolutely made the trip was the staff! The way the whole Pedregal team impacted me with their kindness & respect is something that is a true example of authenticity. I was incredibly sad in leaving some of people we saw everyday. I want to say thank you to Aaron, Carlos, Vivian, Omar, Manuel & Mario! You guys made our trip so special & were so excited to see you again! 🙂 


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