Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited to share something with you that both myself and JB have worked so hard on! 

I have mentioned a giveaway coming at the end of the month, and this giveaway is all of my favorite products that I use every day for my health. I was lucky enough to partner a couple of amazing brands and today I’m sharing a post with Rootz Nutrition. I shared my love for Rootz preworkout in THIS post and truthfully I only share the products with you that I actually use.  I have been so excited to share this with you all, today I’m sharing my first video!!! It was such a fun project to work on! 

Check out how Rootz fuels my workouts daily below 🙂 

PS. I also have a code for you for 10% off your order! Use “keiamclean” at checkout @ Rootz Nutrition!


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