Banana Bowl with Vital Proteins

Happy Friday! November has been the month of sharing my fave health & wellness products! I’ve shown you Ancient Nutrition’s bone broth protein that I use & my Rootz pre-workout and now I’m sharing yet another recipe with you!

Today I am teaming up with Vital Proteins to share a bomb ass banana bowl! Guys, I’m not kidding this is like a freaking dessert in a bowl – but with all superfood ingredients! Because you know it wouldn’t be a LE recipe if I didn’t get some superfoods in there 😉 I don’t know if you’ve caught on yet, but I’m a HUGE fan of collagen! Even though I am getting a great dose from my protein, I still love to add in Vital Proteins Marine Collagen.

Now I did a little background in my bone broth recipe of the benefits of collagen and why you want to incorporate it into your diet. Long story short, it keeps your skin clear, nails & hair strong, joints & bones healthy as well as helps promote overall wellness within your immune, digestive & nervous systems. Ummm, yes please! 

Like I said before I will never share something with you on here that I do not fully stand behind. Vital Proteins marine collagen is a product I 100% stand behind and thats why I wanted to share it with you! I’ve been on it for about the last 2.5-3 months and wanted to be able to see how my body reacted before giving you a recipe to use. Prior to this I was using their Grass Fed Collagen Peptides. I have to say that I loved that as well but it felt heavy to me. My body just didn’t agree with it and I believe that was because I do not eat red meat. When I found out they had a fish based collagen I knew I wanted to try that because I still have fish in my diet. If you know me then you know my love of food and how important to me non-GMO foods are. I love that know this collagen comes from non-GMO fish. In today’s world having that little bit of assurance is everything! 

I have to say that I add this into my smoothie EVERY SINGLE DAY! I know what you’re thinking – doesn’t it smell or have a fishy taste?! NO! Not at all, in fact its has no oder and is tasteless. You my have seen on my Instagram that I mixed one of the to-go collagen packets in hot chocolate for a little boost 😉 It really is the real deal you guys! 

Now I want to share this amazing-delicious-superfood packed bowl with you! Enjoy 🙂 


Okkkk so this is what you’ll need! 

Vital Proteins Marine Collagen + Califia Farms unsweetened almond milk + 1-2 tbs Simple Truth almond butter + 2 Frozen Bananas & 1 Reg Banana + 1 tbs Sunfood Cacao powder + 1 tbs Sunfood Maca powder + 1tbs Flaxseed + 1 tbs Chia seeds + Topping of your choice, I chose Nativa Naturals cacao nibs + walnuts & granola 

First add your two frozen bananas & a little bit of ice to your Vitamix, Nutrabullet or blender 🙂 

Add in 1 tbs of cacao powder – I think you know I have an obsession with cacao by now 😉 

Also add in 1 tbs or more of maca if you want it to have more of a malty milkshake flavor – yes please!!!

Next add in your flaxseed & chia. You could also add in goji berries and bee pollen if you want! I also added in 1 tbs of almond butter but would add in 2 next time for more flavor. Again you can sub this out for cashew, peanut or sunbutter! 

Next is the star! 😉 This gives your delicious chocolate bowl even more of a beauty boost! One scoop of the marine collagen is all you need!

Lastly, add in your milk of choice, I’m going with my faveeee almond milk. I eyeball this because if you add too much it will be too runny and we want a THICK AF bowl. So a splash is perfect 😉 

Mix it in that blendaaaa! 

Pour all that goodness into a bowl! 

Top with your topping of choice 🙂 Again I sliced up a banana, added some of my favorite granola on earth from Flora Farm, cacao nibs & chopped walnuts. SO GOOD YOU GUYS! 

And that’s all she wrote – or ate, however you want to say it 😉 Try it out and let me know how you like it! I had my first banana bowl in Chicago and knew I had to recreate it at home with my own little twist on it! Hope you guys enjoyed this recipe and remember to #stayvital! 


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