2017 – I’m ready for you!

Hey guys! I am back from what feels like the longest break everrrr! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!  To be truthful it was so nice to take a break from blogging for a few weeks. I truly love it but needed a bit of a reset and it was perfect timing. I wanted to take some time to spend with my family and enjoy the new year 🙂 But most importantly, JB and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary and I wanted to take a break and be with him! We just got back from a trip to Saint Lucia which was SO INCREDIBLY AMAZING! I am so excited to share the recap with all of you soon! 

As I was sitting on the plane home, I was thinking about what I wanted my first post of 2017 to be about and I thought I would share my goals for this year with you. Now this isn’t your typical new years resolution post but like I said they are my goals for this year – or more like what I am setting my focus on.

On new years day, JB and I took a long walk with Koda and talked about the things we wanted to accomplish this year. We set on 2017 being the year of strengthening our foundation. Not just in our relationship but all aspects of our lives, together and individually. I started in December, without knowing by adding all these stepping stones to building my foundation.

The first thing I started with was wellbeing. I started adding functional moves into my workouts. I noticed SUCH a difference in adding these moves into my workout and I felt incredible! I was stronger physically but also internally, if that makes sense to you. The only way I can explain it is that there was solidness to my being and I could feel the change. This feeling inspired me to look at myself a bit differently and the things I do throughout my life. I added in a few functional moves for each body part – and its a world of difference. I also started picking up my yoga sequence again to gain my flexibility back. With choosing to add these things in I got a forward momentum going in my life and since then I’ve started doing more to build this foundation. I booked my first real Tri-Covery appointment (which is like massage mixed with INTENSE stretching!) which was a big one for me because I’m a person that even though I notice things with my body I tend to put off getting massages and stretching and I knew I needed to work on this. I got even cleaner with my diet – added tons more veggies, added more superfoods & supplements, loading up on good fats (hellooooo buttah!) & decided to make a pact with myself to only have one drink a week. The reason I’m going into 2017 with that last one about drinks, is I started to notice people who never touched a drink or drank very rarely looked so much younger! Kate Beckinsale & JLO, I’m looking at you! 😉 JB and I are practicing all of these each day, which is so nice to have someone hold you accountable as well and that you can lean on! 

Secondly, I started looking at what I needed for me to feel more solid. The first thing that came to mind was “Keia time”, where I can check in with myself and spend time by myself. I know that I need this time to feel sane. If its doing a face mask while scrolling insta then thats what I need. Or it could be watching a movie with my essential oils burning. Just carving out that time to be with myself. 

Thirdly, came the part that has to do with my future. In order to create that foundation I had to look at saving even more and giving myself a STERN budget. Our talk on the hike consisted of putting even more away, setting up funds for things that are going on in our life, and setting ourselves up to be the best we can be for ourselves and each other both financally and in all aspects of our relationship moving forward. We have a very big year coming up and this one has been the most fun to look at for us! 🙂 

The fourth thing is having a fun foundation! With our trip to Saint Lucia we saved for 5 years in a jar that held all of our loose change & bills and whatever else we threw in there. We never touched in until this trip and we saved SO much! We are back to throwing whatever we can in that jar for our next trip, because being the travel junkies we are, well need to be sated sooner than later 😉 

All in all I am so beyond excited for 2017 and to keep building my foundation! What are your guys goals or things you want to do to be better in 2017?! I’d love to hear them! <3


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