Happy Monday guys! I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from social media for a few weeks and you know what, it felt amazing! Life got a littleee busy and I decided I needed to detox – in more than one way lol! Last weekend I decided do a liver cleanse (fun on St. Patricks day right?!) and literally it wrecked me that night so I spent the weekend recovering and enjoying how great I felt all last week! I’m planning on doing another one this weekend because it seriously made me feel incredible and refreshed! I’ll be sharing the one I do on here soon – its super easy – and my experiences over the years of doing them, they’ve been reallllly fun to say the least… please tell me you can see that’s dripping with sarcasm lol!  Its always good to do a little body clean up though!

Ok now, I have a little something something that JB and I have been working on over the last couple of months and its finallllly time to share! A lot of you know that JB and I have been together for a while now – 10 years (!) And I’m still just as obsessed as I was back then <3 – and a few years ago when a lot of our friends started getting engaged and married we sat back and said what do we want to do? We felt stuck in moving forward even though we were comfortable with our relationship but everyone kept asking us when are we getting engaged?! Honestly JB and I are so content with what we have right now and I know that we’ll definitely get engaged and married but its still a ways off right now. For us getting stability as a couple and individuals was more important so we chose to save, save, save! When people would ask us what our next move was, we told them the truth – we wanted to have our home first and then we would go from there.

If you read my post about LE’s look then you may have caught on to the little hint – but now I’m really telling you!  We are officially breaking ground on our house in the next couple of weeks! We have only shared this with a few select people because I’m a person that really doesn’t like to talk about things until they are well on their way, but now I am so happy to be able to share it with you!

This was also a big deal for me personally because ever since I was in highschool I knew that I wanted to build my first house and I would work toward that goal. My parents were so amazing to let JB and I live with them since we graduated and while we were in college. They allowed us the biggest gift of all and that was to be able to continue to save so that whatever the end goal was we could do it. SOOO when you have something in your mind that you want – keep pursing it, even when you feel like you are never going to get there (the best feeling isn’t it lol?!)

The most exciting part for me is getting to share this whole building/designing experience with you guys! That’s what that new “home” tab is at the top of the site 🙂 JB and I plan on taking you through the whole process with us! We are going to be doing a lot of the work ourselves too, so I’m looking forward to sharing what we learn a long the way! Until then I’m sharing a little mood board with you guys to see where were heading with our design – so take a look at our “eclectic, bohemian, mid century modern farmhouse” as our architect and builder call it or “Millennial Farm House” which is what JB is tagging it 😉

Here’s a little sneak peek!





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