Long time no talk, for real… I’ve been working on a lot of things that have caused me to take a break from here and guys I realized that I needed it. For me I got into blogging because I wanted to share something that was different to me and I wasn’t doing that. I felt the need to fit the blogger mold and produce content several times a week and I just couldn’t do it. So with that said I took a hiatus and had several of you ask why am I not blogging anymore. Well I didn’t want to that was the main reason. I needed a break and it felt so amazing. I also started working on something that took all my passion and time and brought me back to what I really wanted to share on here.

Last week was my 26th birthday and I just had all these feelings the day before that I couldn’t compartmentalize. I ended up working myself through what I was going through and felt different the next morning. I wanted to share what I shared on Instagram here because this is what I want to get back to here. Sharing life – every gritty, fun, emotional, crazy thing that happens. So I’m slowing down and and getting back to myself before I share anymore. I don’t know what that means for Live Extraordinary. All I know is I am going to slow down and let it ride and share when & what I want to with you. Share quality and realness. So here’s me right now and guys I’m freaking excited for where I’ve decided to go.

This year has been one hell of a ride. I say that like that because like any other year its had its ups and downs. I’ve grown more than I thought and as I sat outside reflecting yesterday I realized each thing I’ve experienced this year has made me stronger, wiser and closer to myself. I struggled this year a lot personally with being so scared of the future – something I’ve never really talked about don’t really show outwardly but feel very deeply inwardly. Today however I woke up 26 instead of 25 and oddly felt younger than I did yesterday. Realizing I have SO MUCH time to figure out everything and even though somethings have shook out differently than I’d planned sometimes we need to go down a different path in order to get clarity. I’ve lost and gained relationships this year, took on many new ventures, worked on myself ALOT and shit its been a process! So this year for me I’ve decided is going to be about taking my time. In every sense – literal, physical, mental, emotional and environmental. For me the saying “Carpe Diem” has always held a special place in my heart and I want to make sure that I seize each and every moment of every single day. To get better, stronger, wiser, kinder. To become more of myself each day in that place of contentment and happiness. So happy birthday so me! Cheers to 26 – its just the beginning! Carpe fucking diem! ✨


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